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Orchid Garden

Many things to do here if your sleep schedule is still off. I asked for a reccomendation of where to rest and was sent to Terminal E "The Oasis". There are free internet stations (with seats), chaise lounge chairs with vibrating alarms so you can wake up, multiple tvs set up with stations all in English (with subtitles), massaging chairs. In other lounges I've seen xboxes as well.

Many of the stores (all that I've seen so far) accept several different kids of currency so you don't need to get it converted. They have the exchange rates posted by the register as well. Don't use large bills they give you change in Singapore dollars.

Many orchid gardens as expected but sunflowers and a sunflower garden came as a surprise!

There's a traveler hotel type area and showers available. I haven't checked if there are any fees. Western style toilets available and squat available as well.

Signs posted about free tours from the airport of Singapore. I'll probably check that out on my way back through.

Initial impression: Could smell, taste and feel the humidity as exiting the plane. Could smell mildew while walking through the walkway from the plane to the building. Very modern airport, very clean. Can smell floral smells near some gardens. Anything American here you could need or want- didn't see chewing gum in the 7-11... have read it's illegal here without a prescription. Snapple was 2$ US in the 7-11. Seems expensive or similar to convenience prices in US. Exchange rate today is $1.50 singapore to $1 US.

Was woke up at 3am in lounge area by officials to check passports and boarding passes.

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Orchid Garden
Orchid Garden