I drove on the wrong side of the road!

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Monday was a dreary rainy day all day, so Tom and I (he had the day because it’s Easter Monday) just stayed inside all day hanging out.  We did make one quick trip to the store, just to pick some things up and get the heck out of the house.

Tuesday was a nice day and I went for a nice walk in the afternoon, admiring the ocean and thinking how lucky I am to be here near the water and just be able to sit and watch the water.  After poker tonight Tom let me drive home!  I did ok, I did hit (more like a skim I would call it) a curb on the left side.  You really have to think, stay left, stay left.  Then on top of thinking about that you have to remember not to speed.  One of the most difficult things though, is the turn signal is on the right side of the wheel and the wipers are on the left side.  So a couple times I turned on the wipers when I was trying to put on the turning signal.  Oops.  I even backed the car into the very narrow garage, without hitting anything.  It was definitely a bit strange, like learning to drive all over again.  But of course I haven’t driven for 2.5 weeks so I think driving on any side of the road would take a minute to get used to.  I can’t even imagine how it will be for my friend Eileen to drive in June, when she gets back from over 2 years in Ukraine in the Peace Corps. 

Speaking of Eileen, her best friend and roommate from college, Lorrie, went to visit here last month and she herself has a blog as well.  When I read her blog, I get a bit jealous.  She’s quite a good writer and her stories always seem interesting.  I feel like a bit of a fraud writing a blog, at least right now, because I’m really not doing much of anything.  I mean, do you really care that I went for a walk and watched 2 episodes of “Sex and the City” today.  No, you don’t.  But people told me to get them updated, so I am, even though I’m not really doing anything of note.  Aside from the occasional ‘saw a kangaroo today” or “drove on the left side of the road.”  So I must apologize for being boring.  I promise that the more time goes by here, the more interesting I will get (hopefully), because if not I may just have to hurt myself.

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