Town Festival and Quad Aces!

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Tom and I spent the morning watching the Masters, so we didn’t venture outside until a bit before noon.  Tom had a haircut to go to and when we opened the door to check the weather and we heard bagpipes.  I had totally forgotten that there was a parade and festival going on in town today.  So I got my shoes on and headed into town to check out the action.  There were a bunch of stalls with people selling all sorts of things.  There were also several street performers and street food. It was nice to walk around and see so many people in town.  I wouldn’t want it to be like this all the time, but it’s nice to have the town “wake up” a bit.  Lots of people watching going on.  Since Dave next door has gone down to Adelaide to visit with his family, his sister-in-law, her husband and 7 year old son are staying at his place for the weekend.  Tom stopped by and made plans to meet up with them tonight after dinner to play some poker.  We had a good time, played 2 games, the second of which I won.  Since I had this hand, I have to bring it up.  I was dealt an ace and something else, a 5 or something.  I was one of the blinds so I stayed in, then on the flop, were 2 more aces and a third card.  There were no straight draws and no flush draws, so I knew I had the best hand.  I can’t remember if I was first to bet, or if I called on someone else’s bet, either way we went to the turn then to the river.  I can’t remember if it was the turn or the river, but another ace popped up.  I GOT QUAD ACES!  That is just insane.  I had had quite a bit of wine, so maybe that’s my secret for better poker playing, more alcohol.  There was some big betting and when we turned the cards, the other person had a full house, aces and I think kings.  Then I pop over my 4th ace and just basked it in.  I wanted to take a picture because that is just so rare.  It felt good.  Tom and I hung out for a bit and chatted with Ben and Barbara, with the time just flying by.  We realized that it was midnight and we should probably go to bed.  So all in all a good day, lots of activity downtown and good company at night.  I was also invited to go bike riding with Barbara and Nicholas (the 7 year old son) the next day (Easter Sunday), and I would really like to go, so I may just have to fore-go church.

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