Sunday April 5, 2009

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Last night we changed the clocks back here, so we went from being 15 hours ahead of the US East coast to 14 hours ahead. We started the day buy watching some ESPN and seeing Michigan State pull out the win over UConn. We were rooting for M. State because that’s the only team Tom had left in his bracket, he picked them to win it all and since my bracket is total crap, I figured, one of us better at least do well. Nice to see they pulled it out though. Dave stopped by and mentioned he was heading down to the creek to do some fishing if I wanted to come join him. The creek behind Tom’s place, during low tide, there is a sandbar down the middle you can walk out to, so that’s where Dave fished from. I grabbed my hat and sunglasses and headed out while Tom went to the store to pick up a few things. It was a gorgeous day today! Sunshine and perfect weather. A great day to be outside. I joined Dave at the creek and kept him company while he fished. Caught a few little things, but nothing substantial enough to keep. Dave told me about his kayak and canoe he has that we’re more than welcome to borrow. I’ll have to take advantage of that while I’m here. He also has a sailboat that he mentioned we should go out on when he comes back from Easter holiday. See, Dave is here, in the military, while his family lives in Adelaide, so he’s going back home for a bit over the Easter holiday. Got back from fishing and saw the end of the UNC/Villanova game. Boo UNC (sorry Anne), I don’t want to see UNC win, if mostly to rub it in my friend Ryan’s face.
Went to another poker event tonight. Had a $10 dollar buy-in and I did ok, I’m still learning though. It was one of those foolish things though where if you go out, you can buy back in, so people just go crazy and are reckless and try to steal blinds and get everyone to fold, then if they go out, no problem, just another $10 to buy back in. I don’t like that. If you play bad, or go too crazy, that should be it, you’re done. Dave did well, came in 4th place, won $75. We got back late and Tom cooked up some yummy porkchops in the grill with veggies. We watched “First Knight” then I headed off to bed.
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