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Well I’ve been here a couple days so I thought I’d let you know how I’ve been doing since I arrived. I arrived at about noon on Saturday and after de-planeing and going through customs, Tom was right there waiting for me. We hopped in the car to head the 2.5-3 hours back to his place. So even as of now all I have seen of Sydney is the airport and some of the streets heading out of town. The drive down to his place is actually a quite nice drive. He doesn’t live that far mileage-wise. All the roads leading out of Sydney though are that, roads, not highways. The road we took south was called Princes Highway, but a lot of the time it was just 2 lanes and the speed limit was lower than what we would travel on a highway in the US. It’s just that with Australia having such a small population (about 20 million compared with 300 million in the US, and Australia is about the size of the lower 48) so there’s a hell of a lot less people paying taxes to go towards building and upkeep of roads, especially not ones in the major cities. Anyway, the drive was nice. Everything is so green! It really is beautiful. The drive does go down the coast so part of the time we could see the ocean. We passed several wineries and Tom mentioned about hitting up a few later on. We made a couple quick stops in Berry and Nowra (at the Kmart to pick up some hangers for my room) and finally arrived in Huskisson mid to late afternoon. Tom lives in a little complex that backs up to a river (technically it’s called Currambene Creek) that empties into Jervis Bay. He gave me the tour of the house. It’s nice, it’s got 3 bedrooms, a patio, a balcony, nice kitchen and garage. I get a room with a double bed and 2 bathrooms to myself. One is a powder room with a toilet and sink and the other has a shower, bath and sink. We headed down to the local pub to grab dinner and a beer and sat outside overlooking the bay. We were able to walk there because everything is just so close. Huskisson is a holiday town. Tom says in the summer it is always packed. And it should be crazy in a couple weeks, come the Easter holiday. I’ve never been to the Outer Banks, but it’s somewhat how I would imagine an Outer Banks town. Small, beaches, where people holiday, but you tend to forget people live there. It’s nice though, apparently there’s a lot to do. Whale and dolphin watching trips, dive center, you can rent motor boats and kayaks, bikes, there’s a nice walking path that goes like 15 km down the coast of the bay. I will have to explore more in the days ahead while Tom is at work. I also met Tom’s next door neighbor, Dave, whom he hangs out with a bit. Dave is in the navy and lives here, while his family lives in Adelaide. I headed to bed around 9, I am after all pretty tired and still kind of on East Coast US time.
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I’m in Australia!
Well kids, I’m here, I finally made it! During my layover in Nadi, Fiji I was sitting near a group of three people who were starting on a round the world trip and they were chatting with a gentleman who was from LA but had lived in Sydney 2 times previously and was coming back a third time. So since I was already eavesdropping, I decided to be sociable and go over and say hello. They were all very nice and we chatted and it made the layover fly by. Now I have a contact in Sydney, because the one guy, Levert, gave us all his contact information in case we were ever in Sydney and wanted to grab a drink or something. I am also waiting to receive a facebook invite from my other new friends on their round the world trek. The Fiji airport although, I don’t think it was air-conditioned. It was humid. Luckily on my flight from Fiji to Sydney, there was only me and one other woman in our row of 4, so we each got to spread out a bit.

So here are the final totals:
2 hours flight from DC to St. Louis
3 hour layover in St. Louis
4 hour flight St. Louis to Los Angeles
2 hour layover in Los Angeles 10.5 hour flight LAX to Nadi, Fiji
4 hour layover in Nadi, Fiji
4.5 hour flight Nadi to Sydney
Total flight hours: 21 hours
Total travel time including layovers: 30 hours
Time zones crossed through: ???
Crossed equator and International Date Line

Then we had to drive the 2 hours back to my cousin’s place in Huskisson. It was a really nice drive though. You drive down the coast and see the ocean at certain points. There are also quite a few wineries that are passed and I have every intention of stopping at some later and doing some tastings. Everything is so green here! And the sky so blue! It is all so beautiful! We have plans to go into Sydney maybe in 2 weekends to do the touristy stuff. Tom’s town of Huskisson is on Jervis Bay. It’s a cute little beach town with a nice little downtown area. We had burgers and beer at the local pub and sat outside, overlooking the water. Tom said it gets crazy during school and summer holidays, the locals flock here for sun and sand and boating. There are whale and dolphin watching cruises, scuba diving, etc. I’ll go out tomorrow and take some pictures of the city and Tom’s place. I feel like I’ve upgraded. I get my own shower and bath and powder room right outside my door (not on another floor) and I’ve upgraded from a twin bed to a double! Yay! Got all my clothes hung in the closet, it looks like so very little! We I may have to do some shopping ;)
Well it’s 8 pm Saturday night here (5 am Saturday morning) and I am exhausted, so I am going to go catch some sleep and hopefully not be too out of it tomorrow!
DCBackpacker says:
Can't wait to read looks like if I make it over there I won't be going until September b/c I have a 10-year reunion in August...
Posted on: Mar 28, 2009