Monday March 30, 2009

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I woke up and started my day by watching Tiger pull out another victory on the 72nd hole at Bay Hill. I’d say Tiger is back and looking to be in fine form for the Master’s in a couple weeks. Today I kind of lazed about, watched tv for most of the day.
I was able to skype both my parents and my cousin Richard (Tom’s brother) and his wife and son, so that was nice to talk to and see people.
I did however put a call into the immigration department to inquire about my visa situation. I told the woman, what was on my visa, what I was told at the airport and I asked what was going on. She got my passport number and visa type and put my hold to go check my file. She comes back and tells me that in here system, she has me as having to enter before April 9th, so she has no idea why the people in LA were having a problem because according to her everything should have been fine. I told her the flight and day I came in on and she said I was fine. So I can work?, I asked her and she said yup. So basically I have no idea why I was held up and almost missed my flight in LA, everything is in order according to my conversation with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It makes me a bit frustrated that I went through all that drama at the airport and got so stressed and now I’m being told that everything is as I thought it should be? The lady at immigration said maybe the woman in LA got confused or didn’t know what she was looking at? At any rate, I am OK to work. Now I just need to apply for my tax ID number.
I took a nice long walk along the walkway and beach today, down to Vincentia. I think I may have gotten a bit of sun, my forehead is a little red. I took some nice pictures of the beaches and the bay to pass along showing where I am and what it looks like. I hope to one day head down to Hyam’s Beach in Vincentia, apparently it is listed in the Guinness book of world records as having the whitest sand in the world. Monday evening we made chili for dinner and watched a bit of tv before heading to bed early again.
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