March 29, 2009

Huskisson Travel Blog

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On Sunday we headed back into Nowra (the nearest “bigger” town) to go back to the K-mart to pick up a few things we needed. After returning Tom took me out back off his complex, that backs up to the creek and we walked out onto the rocks that are only exposed during low tide. We then went to the marshland 2 seconds away from his house where there is a wooden walkway over the marsh. Since it was during low tide, we saw all the mud and there were little crabs scattering all over the place and into their burrows in the mud. We then walked into the main drag of Huskisson (which is a couple blocks away) and I saw the cute stores and restaurants on mainstreet. There’s also a little one screen cinema here that shows a couple movies per week. This week is Slumdog Millionaire, Vicky Christina Barcelona, He’s Just Not That’s Into You and something else. We swung by the grocery store which is in the next town over, Vincentia, so pick up some things. That afternoon Dave swung by and we played poker (Dave and Tom play at the local lawn bowling club together on Tuesday nights). Since I am being taken to the club to play on Tuesday, they decided I needed to practice since I haven’t ever played put a couple times. We played 2 games and I won both of them, they decided I had enough practice and was OK to go on Tuesday night. Tom cooked up some steak and potatoes on the grill with some veggies and it was quite good! Dave came back after dinner and we all watched AFL (Australian Football League) which we Americans know as Aussie Rules football. Dave explained the rules to me and I kind of get it, at least the basic jist of what’s going on. I also learned that there are two different types of rugby, Rugby Union and Rugby League. They’re different and have some different rules and ways of playing. Who knew huh? I once again was exhausted by about 9 and headed up to bed.
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