Friday April 3rd, 2009

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Ok, so I am writing this update on Sunday the 5th, and I can’t really remember much what I did Friday. Isn’t that sad? I remember just hanging out in the morning and Tom got home early, at about noon-ish. In the afternoon, Tom and I headed into Nowra to walk around town a bit and see what kind of places there were in there. Tom has just started brewing beer at home so he had to pick up some more supplies. I browsed around a few bookstores, trying to find some books so I have something else to do during the day. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, plus books can take up space and get heavy quickly. Paperback books are pretty expensive here. There were average paperback book listed at $30 AUD, which is like $21 USD, the same books that might be $13.95 in the states. So I refrained from buying any and decided I would just have to start working out more. That’s another thing that bothers me. I was doing so well the couple months before I left, going to the gym, doing Pilates, lifting weights. I was getting some serious arm muscles. Since I’ve come here, my exercise has gone down to a minimum. I really need to be better as to not lose everything I’d been working for. Tom does have some free weights and an exercise ball, so I really need to get my ass in gear and get some use out of them. Even though I didn’t buy any books, we did pop into a crafts store, because I was looking for any cute scrapbook stickers to use when I eventually make a scrapbook of this trip. No fun scrapbook embellishments, but I did decide to buy a cross-stitch to give me something else to do during the day. It’s of a koala and the Three Sisters rock formations located in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. I figured if I am going to do a cross-stitch I might as well have it be of something Australian, right? In the evening we headed down to the local RSL Club (Reserve Servicemen’s League) to go to another raffle and have dinner. It’s in walking distance but after we walked down, I went to sign in and they wanted to see an ID, did I bring me ID? No of course no, so we walked back to the house then back to the RSL. After “checking” in, we hit up the bistro, which has this Friday night special, beef or pork roast with veggies and either soup or a dessert, for like 8.50 AUD, which is like 6 USD, not to bad for a meal. It tasted pretty good as well, I got the pork, which came piled on, with the veggies and a lemon cake which was delicious. There’s a raffle that goes on, quite like the meat raffle from the night before, except other things are raffled off as well. This night there was a chest freezer, a set of bikes, pots and pans, a Nintendo DS, a hair dryer and straightener, and some other things, as well as some meat trays. Unfortunately nothing was won this night. We headed back home and it was another early night for me. I’m still not fully adjusted to the time change, I get really tired around 9 and head to bed and wake up by like 7 am. So not crazy hours, but a bit different then what I’m used to. You can get so much more done when you’re up by 7 am, too bad I’m not doing anything.
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