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So I had a thought today about employment.  I was thinking what I could do for temporary employment, something that might be seasonal.  I remembered that down in Victoria, they have ski resorts and obviously they have to hire seasonal employees.  So I was doing a bit of research, and ski resorts are hiring for wait staff, ticket sellers, etc.  Most of them come with accommodations, probably dorm style, along with salary.  The ski season runs from beginning of June through September.  So I figure if I were to apply and work at a ski place and get out beginning of October, I’d still have October, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb and March to travel and go live somewhere else, somewhere warm, and have people come visit me (nod, nod, wink, wink).  It feels weird to think I may have moved to Australia, after the US winter ended, to go hang out in snow for a few months.  It would get me free skiing though.  I definitely want to live in a major city at some point in time thought.  So if I were to get out in October, I would still have 6 months to explore, travel and work in a major city.  Plus I would have all of May to do something as well.  Anyway, so that’s my newest idea.  It might be cool to say, yea, I moved to Australia and I worked at a ski resort for 4 months.  I figure there would be other young internationals doing the same thing as me, so I think I would meet some interesting and varying people.  So stay tuned for any updates about that…

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