April 9, 2009 and Good Friday

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Didn’t really do much the past couple days.  Went to the meat raffle on Thursday night and saw more kangaroo’s on the soccer pitch!  Tried to take some photos, but the photo’s wouldn’t work with flash because it was dark and with the lights on the field it just didn’t come out.  Since I didn’t have my tripod with me (it was back at Tom’s), I couldn’t hold my camera still enough to take pictures without the flash.  I was able to however take a video using my camera that came out pretty decent.  Was able to post it on facebook, so check it out if you’re on facebook.  I tried to upload some pictures onto this here blog, but unfortunately Tom’s internet connection has a really slow upload speed, so it takes forever to upload things.  I was able to put the pics on facebook, but not on this blog.  I will try again later when I have time to wait for the pics/video to upload.


Friday (today) is Good Friday.  It was a nice day and Tom had off from work.  We hung out at the house and watched the coverage of the Master’s.  I had a real lazy/tired day, I actually napped most of the afternoon.  I got really stir crazy and went out for a walk around 5 pm.  People actually crowd this place on holidays (and Easter is a huge holiday here, I mean it, a lot of places were actually closed today for Good Friday).  I saw more people on the beach then I have seen the whole rest of the time I’ve been here, and this was in the evening.  I can only imagine what is was like during the day today or what it will be like tomorrow.  There were lots of couples walking around holding hands and kissing.  I hate couples, boo for them.  Just stop flaunting your happiness in our faces.  I have been watching quite a bit of ‘Sex and the City’ since I have been here, there are 2 episodes on from noon-1 pm every day.  The “real” versions, not the CW/TBS edited versions (man did I not realize how much I was actually missing!) and I used to think I was a mix of Carrie and Charlotte.  Charlotte, a believer in love, full of hope and optimism and Carrie, a “regular” gal just kind of “normal.”  Now I think I am becoming Miranda, full of cynicism and sarcasm (although to be fair, I was always a bit sarcastic).  Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  I saw a beautiful sunset and then when the moon rose over the bay, it was huge and orange and full and I only wished I had thought to bring my camera with me.  I’ll have to go back out walking on the beach tomorrow.  One thing that bothers me about here, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s a bay and not on the actual ocean or what, but it doesn’t smell of saltwater.  One of the best things about going to the beach it getting that whiff of salt air and knowing the water is right there nearby.  I can smell that salt a bit here but not like when we go to the beach every August.  I miss it a bit.  I did also walk by a church in town today and checked out when the services are on Easter.  I realized today that I had no plans for Easter and I got this really bad feeling.  I feel like can’t not go to church on Easter feeling.  So I checked out the service times and I have plans to go to church Easter morning, we’ll see if it actually happened or not.  Oh and on the way home from my walk I saw this group of ‘young people’ (my age or younger, probably younger) and there were these 2 girls that were dressed to the nines.  In black dresses and heeled black boots and hair and make-up all done up and the only thing I can think is where the heck are you going?  I mean, there is one pub here in Husky and it’s that, a pub.  It’s not like you’re going to a dance club or something.  Why the hell are you so freaking dressed up people?  Urgh, anyway, that just got me a bit surprised that these girls were so dressed up to go to a bar.  I mean, we’re not in downtown Sydney here, were in a sleep little beach town, tone it down a bit ladies.

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