April 4, 2009

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Today we had plans to head into Nowra again for a noon heads up poker tourney Tom and his neighbor Dave were going to play in. We drive all the way into Nowra and find out the tourney has been changed to the 18th.

Now Nowra’s not far per say, about 20 minutes, but mileage wise, you think it would be shorter. I don’t know if I mentioned before though, but the speed limits on the roads are pretty slow, on the highway, it’s like 45 MPH, and there are only 2 lanes most of the way, with an occasionally lane for passing. Also there are these stupid driving license restrictions. When people first get their licenses, they have a L plate they have to put on their car and their not allowed to go any faster than like 80 KPH. After a year, they get a P plate (in green or red, I can’t remember) for a year and their allowed to go 90 KPH. After that year, they get a P plate in the other color and they can go 100 KPH. Then after that year, they have full abilities and no restrictions on their cars. Now this may seem like it’s to keep young people slow and under more control. Most people know though what happens in the US, when there are people going too slow on roads. They end up being a nuisance and just being an accident looking for a place to happen. Now here, they have people required to go slower, it just seems like a bad idea to me. Plus it gets people irritated when they get stuck behind them.

Back to the day, well we were already in Nowra, we decided to head up north to Shellharbour, which is a mall a bit farther up the coast. On the way we saw a winery right off the highway so we decided to stop and do a tasting. We rolled on in and tasted a few wines and the people (don’t know if they were the owners or what) were very nice. They had reisling that I enjoyed. Tom tried the Syraz and quite liked it, so bought two bottles. It was a nice area, the whole vineyard was in full growth, not the barren branches I am used to seeing back home. Apparently it is about harvest time here, it was nice to see all the green down the rows of vines. We got up to Shellharbour and walked around a bit, but I refrained from buying anything. I need to not spend money when I’m not getting any in. On the way back we stopped in Berry, which is a cute little town with a few block “downtown” kind of area. There were come cute little shops we popped into and then got back in the car and on our merry way. On the way home, just before we hit Tom’s road, we saw a couple of kangaroo’s on the side of the road! Yay, now I’ve seen some during the day. Of course though, my camera was in my purse and I couldn’t get it out in time. One of these days, I’m gonna see some ‘roos and have my camera ready for a photo op. I have to prove to you guys that I am actually seeing them and not just claiming to have seen them.

After returning home, we relaxed and I started my new cross-stitch I had picked up the day before. We watched a bit of tv and we saw this movie starring John Cena called “The Marine”. Um yeah…I think they just had Cena running around and things blowing up to distract what I can only assume is a lack of acting skills. I’ll go out on a ledge and say I don’t think this movie won any awards. I was trying to stay up because I had called my friend Anne that morning (so evening time in the Eastern US) and she was on her way out to dinner, so I was trying to stay up until it was morning in the US and she was on the road on her way back to her parents house. I just couldn’t do it though, I would have had to have made it to about midnight, but that just wasn’t happening. So sorry Anne, we’ll get in touch sometime.
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