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I have my work visa, I have my one-way plane ticket to Sydney and I have a place to stay (for a while at least) and now here I am, 9 days away from leaving for my Australian adventure!  I can't believe it's coming so soon.  I remember booking my plane ticket at the end of January.  I thought, I have to be there by April 9th or my visa isn't valid anymore, so I have to go before then.  February seemed so soon, so I decided on the end of March, partly because my Dad's birthday is March 23rd so I wanted to at least stay until then.  But now that I am leaving, it all seems so soon, and there's so much to do!

Things I have done:
International Driver's Permit
Ordered Contacts to last me throughout the next year
Ordered adapters for my electronics (all are dual voltage so don't need a converter)
Cancel Gym Membership
Get international travel insurance

Still Left to do:
Cancel Netflix
Get extra passport size photos
Buy extra memory cards for digital camera
Ahhh!  What else, there's other stuff, I know there is!

My travel time is something I'm definitely something I'm not looking forward to.  In order to keep costs down, I have a a bunch of layovers.  First I fly from Washington DC to St. Louis, layover a couple hours, then fly from St. Louis to Los Angeles, couple hours at LAX, then LAX to Nadi, Fiji, layover 4 hours, then Fiji to Sydney.  I leave Thursday at 3 pm and arrive in Sydney Saturday at noon.  I have no idea how many hours I spend in the air or even traveling in general (when factoring in time differences) all I know is it's A LOT.  Luckily my cousin Tom lives a couple hours south of Sydney, in Huskission, on Jervis Bay, so he's gonna pick me up and I'm gonna stay with him until I figure out what the heck I'm doing.  Makes me feel a little less apprehensive, knowing I won't be completely alone.  Although I would still be going even if he wasn't there.

I look forward to learning and doing so many things!  I want to SCUBA dive, learn to surf, climb Sydney Harbor bridge, and various other things!  I'm off to try and get more done (I'm determined to get my room cleaned [I still live with my parents and I'm 26, sad, I know] before I leave, so if they need to use it while I'm gone, it's presentable.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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photo by: Zagnut66