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Hello everyone!!!

It`s been quite a few days since you`ve heard from us but we have had quite a 3 day journey from Thailand to Laos behind us and we will do some catching up now.

But before we`d just like to mention something concerning this site. We decided to be innovative and spice it up a bit. With a whole lot of more pictures we will update the site regurlarly now every few days and unfortunetely that`s the reason why we`ll have to delete our old pics as we only have a limit of 40 pics... :) The real reason of course ;) is that we wanna get you into a similar mood as us, because those pictures on this site were just taken in the moment; just as our moments pass by from day to day and from place to place we visit.

So instead of 1 or 2 we`ll give you around 20 photos which will only stay online for a few days or a week or so.

But now we`d like to get back to Mario`s and my last few days... We left the very nice city of Chiang Mai 3 days ago by Mini Bus. The ride was as smooth as it could be and as it turned out we were in some kind of `travel agency tour mini bus package convoi` so we met quite a few nice travellers who were on the same route as us, to the Thai/Lao border to the little sleepy border town called Chiang Khong :) Well, what can i see, i mentioned the word `package` before... so it turned out that we ended up in a little, dirty room full of mosquitos about 50m away from the Mekong River. :) Well, we made it through the night even considering the mentioned circumstances and a few extremely loud neighbors.


So off we were in the next morning with an early salmonella egg sandwich (lol) and we crossed the Mekong to get to the other side - Laos. We had no problems at the checkpoint at the little border, so everything so good so far. That morning I still wasn`t fully aware of what would be waiting for us out there taking a 2 day (!) slow boat ride on the Mekong to get to the next more or less civilized place, but the simple wooden boat was way too overloaded with travellers like us! So we spent a long day in total uncomfort, where Air France economy class would be the first class on that boat! Some had to sit on the floor but most just took it with humor. The first leak in the boat had to be filled, as we were almost about to sink-about 30 minutes after we left the pier! So some of us decided to jump off the boat and take a spontanious peeing break, and of course it all had its reasons, cause don`t even expect real toilet facilities on a boat of that kind! It looked like one, but was probably nothing more than just a straight hole into the Mekong.

....yummy ;) Well, no matter what we met quite a few nice people and had some good laughs and some really deep conversations with.

We arrived in total darkness on some pier in a village along the Mekong and most of the group didn`t feel too comfortable as all the locals were kinda pushing trying to sell us guesthouse rooms, food, opium, and drugs of any kind. We all stuck together and finalyy continued our boat ride in the next morning in a NEW BOAT! :)

The second day was quite a lot more comfortable, bigger, and just alot better! We enjoyed the scenery that turned out to become more and more beautiful and really did enjoy the second day on another 8 hours ride. We did meet some nice and interesting fellow travellers on this fascinating journey like Justin the artist from California, Magdalena from Germany with her friend Elize from New York, also to mention Was a great Iranian guy who lives in Denmark, a funky Israeli chick who just travels forever, Sabine and her husband from Switzerland, who had been on the road on a bike since they left home a year ago, and quite a few others.

We arrived here in Luang Prabang last night and sleep in such a great guesthouse with a lovely room and everything we need! :) Today we went with 4 of the other travellers to a really great waterfall about an hour away from here and enjoyed the interesting Lao countryside and the waterfall`s crystal clear water, had good swims and awesome dives! It was sooooo cool really :)

After so much action we will enjoy the town`s nightmarket right now and send all of you many greetings from Laos!


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Chiang Khong
photo by: kerryandandrei