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Hi partypeople, well, finally since yesterday Mario and I are reunited again in beachtown in the south of Vietnam after travelling for that past week seperately. It was definitely a nice reunion at Mario`s guesthouse and from now n the Wildboys will come in a doublepack again ;)

Mario has already given yuo a great description of what we think of Vietnam. Well, I feel quite the same here, and the most common word for me to hear in the past couple of weeks when walking on the streets is... "hello...motorbike...?" while every guy (and girl) loves to offer themselves for a cheap motorbike ride.

Besides that I did make quite a few veeery interesting experiences...as on the 12hour nightbus from Hoi An to this beach place here the bus broke down late in the evening which didn`t really raise my feeling of comfort and safety (as there is no AAA or ADAC around here lol) but luckily the driver managed to fix the problem and we did arrive with another rather less comfortable busride.


After arriving at around 6:30am in the morning at our guesthouse the first thing in mind was of course getting a nice nap in a bed for a couple of hours. Unfortunetely it didn`t turn out to be a very safe place and while lying in bed (!!) a housekeeper came in quietly into the room, getting her fingers into my wallet on the table until I realized what was going on (while still half sleeping) and well, you can`t imagine the rest of the scene I had to go through with the hotel staff and -of course- moving out of that hotel was the next thing to do. Now Mario and I are at a cozy smaller hotel and we occupy 2 rooms on the 4th floor. But trust me, experiences like these do make you think and well, we`re actually just gettin ready to take another long 10hour busride to Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) and arrange our next border crossing to country number 6, Cambodia.

Since the beaches weren`t really too clean in Vietnam we hope for some more enjoyable times in the sun on the southcoast of Cambodia. And of course there will be some serious culture goin on in Cambodia when we`ll go on a few day tour around the biggest temple sites in the world, so that should be really an experience. Poverty will be more extreme in Cambodia than in Vietnam and we are also mentally gettin prepared concerning that part.

As after being in Vietnam for a good 2 weeks now I can really say that the country doesn`t keep up with the image it might have and I did prefere most days in Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos alot to Vietnam. But it was here in Vietnam that we finally realized that not everything can be nice, friendly, and convenient - and of course, what doesn`t kill you makes you stronger, right? ;)

As we`ve been experiencing some techincal difficulties lately with Mario`s digital camera taking photos has sometimes become a real struggle, that`s why there`s just a few new ones this time, please forgive :)

So long,



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Nha Trang
photo by: rotorhead85