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hello, hello. laos is great!!!

most of all we like the nature (wild) and the unspoiled way of life of this beautiful people. i mean, unlike thailand, there`s very, very little or no influence at all from the western world. since we arrived i still haven`t seen a car. the streets (only one main street in viang vieng) are quite empty and mostly populated by bykes, old motorbikes, tractors and ancient vans. life here seems to have stopped 100 years ago. 80percent of the houses are just bamboos huts and thanks god there`s not such a thing as a mcdonald or any other kind of organised multinational business. the communist flag is proudly displayed all over the country.

in luang prabang after the amazing outing to the waterfall we went to the second attraction offered by this enchanting town, namely the cave on the mekong river.

this, unfortunately was quite a disappointment. it took us one hour each way of rough drive to reach this isolated spot and once there it took us only a few minutes to explore the 2 small caves. we vowed not to go to any other cave in laos again. next day we took the 6 hours bus ride from luang prabang to viang vieng on the notorious route 13. needless to say, the experience was rather unconfortable but that all the same we were glad we didn`t crash on the impervious curves among the mountains and that no guerrilla group ambushed us along the road. by the end of the evening we made another resoution: we`re going to fly from vientiane to hanoi. enough!!!

viang vieng is just a sleepy town surrounded by mountains where locals peasants and backpackers come to meet. basically is only one street with bars-reastaurants-guesthouses plus the long airstip (now turned bus-station) from where the americans used to take-off for their innumerable bombing expeditions of this fabulous region during the vietnam war.

how sad!!! this beautiful country is the most ever bombarded nation of the world.

on thursday at a massagge place (oh yes!!! the massaging is going and running) we met a ducth guy who told us not to miss the caves in vieng viang. with some doubts we broke our promise and decided to go for it the next morning. the dutch chap was right!!! the caves were huge, deep and well... wonderfull. after an half hour of climbing on steep, sleapery rocks we got at the entrance of the cave. majestic!!! for 1 us dollar a 14 year-old local boy agreed to be our guide to the depths of the cave. his english was quite bad and he knew nearly nothing of the history and characteristics of this amazing natural wonder. on the other hand, without him we would have run the risk of getting lost and perish in the dark. so the little fella deservedly earned his wages. climbing down from the cave, at the foot of the mountain, we came across to a one more wow!!! a blue lagoon teeming with fish and tall trees to dive from. just the final touch to a perfectly spent afternoon.




LA6 says:
i enjoy reading what you wrote thanks for a review and picture;)
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
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Luang Prabang
photo by: oxangu2