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Heyhey!! It took a little while for this update but finally here it is! :)

Mario and I really enjoyed the last few days in Laos even though Vien Tiang was probably the most quiet capital of any country we`ve ever seen - just a big village... Last tuesday we decided to take an airplane to Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines as we had to make a decison to either go on an almost 3 day bus ride or an hour in the air.... :) The flight was great and we arrived in Hanoi in the evening. And what a place that Old Quarter in downtown Hanoi is-motorbikes everywhere and basically no rules for the traffic! You almost don`t see any cars there and the motorbikes drive wherever there is a way to go-it`s just crazy!! Especially the fact that there is only very few pedestrian walkways it feels extremely dangerous to walk around downtown but it is kind of exciting! :) We left the capital of Vietnam after a couple of days and took the train to Hai Phong which about 3 hours away at the coast.

That`s when it really started and we were only surrounded by locals seeing almost no travellers at all anymore. Hai Phong was extremely boring and except for the boat pier it doesn`t offer much else. On the next day we took the boat to an nearby island called Cat Ba where we finally arrived yesterday. This island gives us the impression of being something like the Phuket or Ibiza of Vietnam in a few years time and the beautiful harbourfront is full with very nice hotels and guesthouses with French architecture. Unfortunetely this morning it turned out that the top floor of our hotel was still under construction and after having a very unpleasant way of waking up earlyin the morning withimmense noise we decided to move hotels as the first thing this morning....

Today we rented a motorbike and toured the island.

...went to a cool cave which used to be a bomb shelter during the Vietnam war and according to our guide Ho Chi Minh himself was hiding from the bomb attacks of the Americans right in that cave, and it was quite an interesting feeling walking aroundin that bunker.

This afternoon we went trekking in an National Park on the island and boy-it really was pretty exhausting and dangerous at times climbing up a mountain but enjoying the greatest view as a treat afterwards!! :) Even though the weather has gotten pretty cold for us now and we definitely need some thick clothes it hasn`t done any change moodwise and we`re enjoying as much as we can. (Even though the main plan of coming to this island was to chill on the beaches, but we`re still havin hope we can do that tomorrow!) :)

The Vietnamese people are quite different compared to the other Asian countries we`ve visited so far, at most places they try to trick us concerning the money and just about every interaction with a local means that they just want money, money, money which is not the greatest way of doing it but oh well.

We didn`t expect them to be experienced with tourists but it does give our time here a bit of a challenge and more excitement!

Well, we`ll still be on this island probably until monday and then head back to Hanoi to -who would have thought- meet Sara again who is coming back from Belgium as she just loves travelling :) Well, that makes especially me very happy and I can`t wait for part 2 of our journey to begin and travelling for the next few weeks with us! We enjoyed last time travelling with her so much and she has turned out to be a very special person... ;) And as if that wasn`t already a crazy enough thing, her friend (with the same name...Sara :) ) also decided to join our travelling and we will meet her in 2 weeks in Pnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia! Now how phunky is that! lol :) It looks like our soul journey is gettin even more spiced up with this and as it looks we`ll continue our journey as a phunky quartett! :)

We would also like to wish everybody who`s living in Christian countries a Happy Easter! ;)Unfortunetely we don`t feel anything of that around here, and Christmas decoration in some stores is even more irritating for us! lol :) Well, the really loudly played Vietnamese music in this crowded internet cafe is gettin really annoying so that`s all for now, folks!


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photo by: mario26