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Hi everyone!

Well, this is the last entry in our journal of this trip. We all knew that the time had to come sooner or later. After spending the last 10 days in Cambodia I must say that it was quite interesting and fascinating as well. After we spent a few days in the capital Phnom Penh, staying at different guesthouses, seeing the Genocide Museum where thousands of people were killed by the Khmer Rouge Regime, and spending time at the Killing Fields where one of the biggest massacres in human history has occured, it`s definitely been an experience.... People begging on the streets is as much an everyday thing here as the so obvious poverty of the people and their history of different wars for decades left their signs.

The huge ancient temples of Angkor in the northeast of Cambodia where I am at the moment is supposed to be the biggest site of this kind in the world, making the pyramids in Egypt or the Maya temples of central America seem small. It was fascinating walking around the ruins for 3 days (!) and the heat was almost killing us. Not knowing before we have found out that "Tomb Raider" was filmed right there at that location it really was an extraordinary experience enjoying those ancient buildings and what is left of them. This showed me how sophisticated and developed this country must have been a long time ago, and it is a little sad seeing the history of Cambodia in the last century.

Mario and Sara have left Siem Reap today going their own ways from now on and I`m getting all the necessary preparations done to go to Bangkok tomorrow and hopefully be able to get on the nightflight to Paris with my standby ticket.

This trip was definitely one incredible hell of a soul journey for me, and it made a big impact on me for the future. Reminiscing about the places I`ve seen and all the people I have met on this amazing journey I realize it was life at its fullest, which makes it even more amazing and intense. In the last 3 months of travelling through Southeast Asia I have experienced unbelievably much - in good and in bad ways. But as this journey as well as life itself is like that, it has been mainly about learning (while having fun) and coping with situations and people sometimes to the extremes - and getting to know yourself a bit better I suppose :) I appreciated many people I`ve met and travelled along with from some of the first places in Malaysia and Thailand up to the second part of the trip in the past few weeks.

The laughs, the conversations, and experiences we had all made together have been very valuable to me and I would like to wish all those people the best for their future, and may they remain and gain happiness in life. As the beginning meant mainly making many new friends it`s also just as much part of life as losing friends again and realizing how temporary life really is. I do look back at everyone of them as some of the most important memories I`ve made and wish them all the best. After all, a real traveller is a traveller for life and by heart, and the new beginning of my new journey of life has just begun. Some of the most important things in life are tolerance, acceptance, and true friendships, because a true friend is a friend for life and is there when the other one needs him.
Western society nowadays seems to educate people to put their priorities on material things, and relations between people of all sorts are often only temporary and good for as long as each gets their own personal benefit from it until the `expiry date` has come. Living life and travelling under not always easy circumstances brings a human back to its true nature and the character is given the chance to develop. I am so happy and thankful that I went on this trip and may this amazing journey of life never end.

Good luck to all of you and thanks for taking the time to read our travelblog and keeping in touch! :)


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Siem Reap
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