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Wazzzup...... As Mario and I have left Bangkok a couple of days ago and waited a couple of hours until our bus finally arrived we made one of the longest trips in one day (or night) so far and safely arrived in Chiang Mai. The first impression is great and I even found the guesthouse again where I had once stayed 12 years ago... The temperature is quite a bit cooler here in the mountains (around 25degrees centigrade) and not as humid as the south. The accomodation is very cheap here and it seems everyone makes the most money here by selling tours around Chiang Mai and the Golden Triangle but as we`ll be staying here now until friday since we have to wait for our visa to Vietnam we decided to leave some money on the beautiful, fantastic nightmarkets!! And they are absolutely awesome.

.... 2 nights ago we went to the every day night bazar in town which is the biggest in Thailand and the wildboys did some (very) serious shopping here and trust me, it`s unbelievably good value for the money. This is the place to get the greatest handicraft things in Thailand as most of the stuff is being produced in this area....

Yesterday we visited quite a few temples here in the ancient town as it is full of culture and history, it`s really nice! Last night we went to the weekly sunday night market which is the place where the locals hang out and do their shopping and eating and if we thought the night bazar is cheap, well, you get the greatest stuff on the sunday market for amounts that not often get over the 1EUR limit, it`s soooo cheap and beautiful and it took us all evening to see most of the things!! :) It`s absolutely incredible and if we wouldn`t have to carry all those things with us for so long I think Mario and I would have bought suitcases full of souvenirs!! (Well, and I finally got a bunch of my favorite Thai silk boxer shorts that I love so much lol)

As a highlight we had some nice dinner lately, more of the not so usual kind, and we tried some silkworms and crickets, and if you don`t see the shape of them, I have to admit that insects taste really nice!! The works are a little sweet and spicy and have a slight chilly taste while crickets are a nice crispy snack and can be compared with potato chips! :) Well, we have everything on tape - so just wait for the movie!!! lol ;)

We have a beautiful (and still cheap!) guesthouse with own bathroom, balcony, cable television (including Italian and German channels), and fridge we`re really being spoiled these days, and for the first time really we can keep a little updated on the news and on what`s going on in the rest of the world, which is nice as we`ve been on the road now for six weeks since Mario and I met in Singapore.

This weekend we`ll hit Laos and as this is one of the poorest countries in the world it`s definitely gonna be a one of a kind experience for us and as we`ve been taking so many busses lately we figured a good way would be to travel down into Laos on the Mekong river to get to the more interesting spots instead of just crossing the river and taking another bus.....

As our travel buddy Sara has left our little `tourgroup` lol we just wanna give a shout out to her and say that the last 4 weeks travelling with her were really great and lots of fun and we wish her the best for her flight back and life in Belgium! We definitely wanna thank her for keeping the wildboys under a little bit of female influence with her advice and wisdom and we`re 100% sure we will see each other again soon at a different place on this planet! :)

We hope that all of you are doing fine and as we saw on tv the weather seems to be getting better and warmer in Europe now, and also we wanna say thanks to all of your guestbook entries on this site as it really means alot to us hearing from our friends and family who are so far away!! :)


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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes