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Hi folks, well, as I thought myself that my latest entry was the last. Well, maybe this will be the very last one due to the recent circumstances....

While spending my last day in Siem Riep, Cambodia yesterday it happened that I met a really nice guy, Roy, who is a Filipino pianist for the Le Meridien Hotel and we talked for quite a while about all those different places in the world and travelling. Everybody who passed by seemed to know him...except for me :) It was a really fulfilling conversation and shortly after I left to the airport while he kept waiting for his wife to come to visit him from the Philipines.

My flight to Bangkok last night was absolutely fine with Bangkok Airways, and I was ready for my mission to cross my fingers to get on that Air France nightflight to Paris right after I arrived. Well, it was about 10 of us standbyflyers, and as it got more and more exciting and my hopes were raised by the minute, it turned out that I seemed to be the only one (...) of us who was not accepted for the flight.... So what to do, next mission was taking the bus into Bangkok and look for a room to sleep as it was already midnight. Luckily I found a room at the same place where we stayed before in March and I got a good night`s sleep. As the airline staff told me that the flights to Paris look even worse for the next few days, the next best chance for me to fly is this thursday, and I`m afraid if that doesn`t work out I might even have to wait until next week which would suck a little but there`s nothing I can do about it...

Well, totally spontaniously this morning I decided before I`m stuck in crazy Bangkok for the next days, I wanna get a last taste of the beaches... The Tuk Tuk driver in Bangkok brought me to the train station instead of the Bus station (duh!) but when I finally arrived at the bus station to take a supposed to be 2 1/2 hour busride to Pattaya, it turned out that the ride took almost 5 hours, but the best is yet to come. Just like 4 or 5 minutes before I reached my destination, a little lovely, sweet boy puked all over me (and another neighbor) and now I`m here waiting for the express laundry service to have some clean clothes again.... :) Oh boy. I kinda had an idea what to expect here in Pattaya full of tourists making it seem like the Thai Ibiza, but as this place turned out to be the closest beach town from Bangkok, it`s better than staying in the polluted captital.

And the best yet to come... on the way to Pattaya it started raining as hell, and I`m just keeping my fingers crossed that I really do get to spend the day at the beach tomorrow :)

With almost no money in my pocket and after the last 2 kinda rough days I`m sure I`ll sleep like a baby tonight. Let`s see what happens tomorrow...... :)


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