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Saida (this is the correct way to spell her name) offered to show me around the city today, since she had been here before. We had a wonderful time strolling around and talking with each other. We walked along the Tiber River, past Castel Sant' Angelo, and up to St. Peter's Basillica. We were going to go in, but the queue was extremely long, so we decided to meet up with Donetella and Marta for lunch.

After a delicious lunch, we all walked to Piazza Navona, a square where lots of artists and musicians come to entertain and sell thier works. I really wish I had brought my guitar, because I think I would have been able to make a little money by playing there!

After our after lunch stroll, we came back to the hostel, where the girls napped, and I read.

We then went out to dinner, which is a big ordeal with Italians.
Dinner consists of Antipasto (appitizer), Primo piatto (first course, mainly pasta dishes), secondo piatto (second course, meat or fish) and a contorno (a side dish). but it's not over yet.. then comes the dolce (dessert), and then caffe (coffee). But it's still not over.. after that long and drawn out dinner, Italians traditionally take an evening stroll afterwords to work off the giant meal they just had.

I've eaten pretty well in Italy so far. :)

Over dinner, the girls were very interested to hear about America. They said the only things they have to go by are a relatively biased news and Hollywood movies, both of which don't really tell the exact truth about the States.  What's funny is that they are so unknowing about our culture and way of life, yet they've seen tons of American movies and know lyrics to more American songs than I do! I found that to be sort of humorous. I dispelled some myths about us, and told them all about the past election and that not everyone in America voted for Bush jr., the first time or the second time. They were under the impression that we all voted for him for his second term. I quickly corrected that. They also love Obama. Everyone I've met in Europe does.
ariel444 says:
isn't the food the best?!

everybody really does love obama! i went from people not wanting to talk to me while there in 2005 to people now congratulating me this past january on our new president... it's insane!

glad you're enjoying italy!
Posted on: Apr 16, 2009
janetbassett says:
Justin, the Italians certainly do know how to eat well! It's always interesting to find out what people from other cultures think about our American culture. There are always so many misconceptions. We frequently got that they believed almost everyone in America was rich, most had swimming pools, and that you could drive across the country in 2 to 3 days. Most can't fathom how BIG America actually is. I imagine you're having a great time meeting so many people from different countries and learning about their cultures.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2009
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Saida, Marta, and Donatella
Saida, Marta, and Donatella
photo by: vulindlela