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The sun finally came out today! This gave me a perfect opportunity to explore the outide of the city more. I walked to Leidesplein, the artsy college district of Amsterdam. The neighborhood was very laid back, much different than the hectic craziness of the Centrum. Leidesplein is connected to the Vondelpark, which was still extremely muddy from all the rain, but still beautiful none the less. I can't wait to see it when May comes around.

After checking out the Vondelpark, I walked over to the Van Gogh Museum, something I've always wanted to go see. A few highlights were "Starry Night", of course, his Self Portraits from various stages in his career, and I developed a newfound appreciation for "The Potato Eaters", a study in using color mixes for shading rather than the (at the time) conventional method of mixing in black.

candlelight in The Rokery Coffeeshop
Surprisingly, the museum was kind of lack luster. I think it may have just been from fatigued feet and a tired brain that I found it a tad on the boring side.

Which brings me to why I am so tired. Remember that comment I made on here about my hostels not being that bad? Well, I think I've changed my mind about one of them. I had to book a second hostle in Amsterdam because of my last minute extended stay.  I will never EVER go back to that hostel. EVER. Even if you payed me money. Hands down the worst place I've ever laid my head for a night. Nasty bathrooms, and I do mean nasty in every sense of the word,  terrible lumpy, uneven beds and I'm pretty sure there was dried vomit in the corner of my room. Ah well, such is the life of a backpacker, eh?

What's even funnier, I had booked two nights at this place and only actually stayed one night in the hostel.

blue skies again!
The first night was so overwrought with Scottish soccer hooligans in for the match between Scotland and Amsterdam on Saturday. Those guys do not mess around with their drinking! Anyways, the entire hostel was full of these drunk bastards, so getting any rest the first night was an excercize in futility. I only got about maybe an hour or two of actual sleep. The second night, the 27th, I was planning on maybe going back to the hostel early enough to catch some shut eye, but got completely lost coming back from the Van Gogh museum and ended up walking around the streets of Amsterdam for upwards to about 4 hours trying to find my way back. By the time I got back, the hooligans were in full tilt and there was no hope of me ever getting to sleep, so, I turned on my heels and kept on walking. My feet felt like putty by the time I got to the train station to leave for Paris at 6 am in the 28th.

France will be a welcome change.


The Crap Hostel's name is The Globe Center, for those who were wondering. DON'T GO THERE!

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candlelight in The Rokery Coffeesh…
candlelight in The Rokery Coffees…
blue skies again!
blue skies again!
I cant escape these guys!
I can't escape these guys!
Soccer Hooligans!
Soccer Hooligans!
More Scottish blokes
More Scottish blokes
A better shot of the Red Light Dis…
A better shot of the Red Light Di…
photo by: pearcetoyou