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To make up for my laziness yesterday, I went out and saw a lot today. I finally got to see the catacombes! It was really creepy and oddly beautiful the way the skulls and bones were arranged. I guess the French felt that if you had to make a mass grave, why not do it with some style? Also, people were a lot shorter back then, so I had to crouch most of the time. Really claustrophobic.

After that, I went to the Louvre. That place is GIGANTIC! I couldn't believe how big it was. Alex told me on my walking tour that there are over ten thousand pieces of art in the museum, and that if you viewed every piece for thirty seconds a piece, it would take you two months to see everything, and that's without eating sleeping or bathroom breaks! Of course I had to see one of the most famous paintiungs in the world, the Mona Lisa.

I could win an award for this picture! At least I think so.. :P
It was kind of anti-climactic. The painting is rather small and there really isn't that much about it that makes it amazing. I think it's more the mystery and history behind that painting that makes it special. it's been stolen twice, one by an Italian nationalist in the 19th century who wanted to bring it back to Italy where he felt it belonged, and once by an art thief in the twentieth, who didn't get too far with it. I think Alex said he got to the door of the gallery before heavily armed guards arrested him. I looked around for the Holy Grail (you "DaVinci Code" fans know what I mean), but all I could find was a Starbucks where it was supposed to be.. maybe Starbucks is the Holy Grail :P

After that, I went to Montmartre, the art district of Paris. It's also the highest point in Paris, higher than the Eiffel Tower, even. It was a gorgeous view from up there, albeit a really steep hike.. If I don't lose at least twenty five pounds this trip, I'll be surprised.

janetbassett says:
Justin, I just love your conversational style of writing. You could write your own tourist guide! You make me feel like I'm there with you. Hope the weather is staying nice for your travels.
Love, Aunt Janet
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
JScott81 says:
I didnĀ“t go up the eiffel tower... too expensive and a little too high for my tastes.. I enjoyed it from the ground :P
Posted on: Apr 04, 2009
jhoinnashville says:
Now the big question: did you actually go up the Eiffle Tower?
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
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I could win an award for this pict…
I could win an award for this pic…
The view from Montmartre
The view from Montmartre
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