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So, I think someone stole my card info and went on a shopping spree. Ten days ago, I hade 1800 usd in my bank account. Today I have - 1500.

doing the math, I would had to have taken out 200 euro every day for the last 21 days in order to rack up that charge. Since I know for a fact I didn't take 200 euro out every day, I have to assume that someone along the line got my info and decided to go shopping. Although I can't figure out how to call my bank, because 1 800 numbers don't work over here I guess, because some automated lady on my calling card keeps telling me in German that the number can't be dialed. I can't access my account online, because I don't have the correct password. I can't make a new password because they have to call my phone in order to verify me, and my phone is in the US, currently turned off.

I have no idea what to do.

Just thought I'd clue everyone into what was going on with me and that I will probably be coming back to the states sooner than I thought....


UPDATE: My parents rock, I went on a free walking tour (because it was free and I was kind of broke at the moment!), Travis, my guide, was hilarious, and my parents rock!!

jeffgarris says:
That's a real bummer, Justin. I guess all you can do is enjoy the rest of the trip and think back on the amazing time that you've had and the memories that you've created.

- Jeff
Posted on: Apr 17, 2009
ariel444 says:
oh no! i've been in that situation and it sucks so i'm so sorry! who's your bank? can i look up info for you? normally there's an international number for you to dial if you're out of the country. maybe ask the folks at your hostel for some help? try checking the bank's website for the international number - or also some banks, like bank of america, has an online chat feature where you can actually talk with a customer service rep online. maybe they could point you in the right direction...
good luck! message or email ( if i can help in anyway!
Posted on: Apr 16, 2009
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