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Firenze, or Florence as it's known to us, is the city of the Renaissance. So, as you could imagine, art is the main focus of the place. The architecture here is stunning, as is all the amazing works of art. 

I started the day off by just wandering the streets, taking in tuscany's beauty, of which there is plenty. I met up with my roommate, Russel, at one and viewed the Uffizi Gallery with him. I think I spent more time in there than at the Louvre. I saw countless works by Da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Rembrant, Michelangelo, Fra Angelico.. if you can think of an artist from the period, I probably saw at least one painting by him.

After the Uffizi, I split with Russel and went to view Michelangelo's David at the Acedemia Gallery. The sculpture was very impressive. I had no idea it was that big! He towers over everyone at around twenty feet high, and that's not even taking the stand he's placed into consideration. I took a few quick photos before a museum worker came over to me and started yelling "no photo!" She wanted me to delete them, so I slyly acted like I was deleting them, but still kept them... pretty sneaky, eh?

I met back up with Russel at the hostel and we just had a very nice dinner. Tomorrow, Rome!

kas1192c says:
Hey Justin!!! Call me again! Sorry I missed the phone call! I love looking at all the pictures...I feel like I am on vacation with you. Make sure you take tons of pictures of Rome. What has your favorite thing been so far on this trip? Have fun!
Posted on: Apr 08, 2009
JScott81 says:
Dad, you must make it to Italy some day! I love it here! I've tried both french and italian wines.. I think I prefer italian. If you consider cooking pasta and pesto in the hostel as "real italian", then yeah, I'm cooking real italian. haha

I'll try to call you guys again soon :)
Posted on: Apr 08, 2009
janetbassett says:
Justin, I agree about the statue of David. The first time I saw it, I was amazed at how large it was. Would love to see your "secret" photos of it. You must really be putting the miles on your walking shoes!! Hugs, Aunt Janet
Posted on: Apr 07, 2009
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now, the question is... do they se…
now, the question is... do they s…
Entrance to the Uffizi Gallery
Entrance to the Uffizi Gallery
My man, Leo.
My man, Leo.
for some reason, this painting str…
for some reason, this painting st…
my sneaky pictures of David.. hehe…
my sneaky pictures of David.. heh…
photo by: spocklogic