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Because of the late start and the delay at the Cliffs, much of our trip to Dingle was in the dark.  Therefore, we skipped Connors Pass and had a pretty uneventful drive down the penisula.  It was late by the time we reached Brosnan’s B&B.  We were surprised to find it pretty modern.  The woman told us later that it was only two years old.  I find it ironic that despite being the most modern of the B&Bs, it was the only one without WiFi.

Once settled, we headed out for a drink at the pub.  I enjoyed watching a lot of the locals… mostly the ones in their 20s who seemed to have come from another gathering, wearing dresses and such.  They were very odd and it was fun to watch them for a bit.  However, we didn’t stay very late, as all the driving had made us a bit sleepy.

By Day Three, I felt we were finally in the swing of things.  After breakfast, we walked around Dingle.  We knew most of the shops wouldn’t be open but I wanted to see the area in the light of day since we had arrived after dark the night before.

Dingle was really cute and I could see why it is a popular weekend holiday destination for the Irish.  At the end of the street our B&B was on, we saw an abandoned ship.  It was pretty beat up and our B&B host remarked that the owners of the property behind it “wish every year that a big storm will come and wash it away!”  I can see how they might find it an eyesore, blocking their view of the water but I found it to be a fantastic bit of scenery to photograph, especially with the view of the town in the background.  Before leaving there was one shop that was open so we went inside to have a look around.  While we were there, the shop keeper told us about Dingle’s tradition of pre-dawn St. Patrick’s Day parade.  Apparently, it was once illegal to have parades in the light of day.  That wasn’t going to stop them so they moved their parade to the wee hours of the morning, before the sun came up.  And while it is now fully legal to have parades during the day, Dingle has kept their tradition and celebrates their “first parade of the day” status.

Leaving Dingle, we followed along the peninsula coast.  The views were spectacular both on the side of the water and the side of land.  During one photography stop, I picked up a rock to take home to a coworker.  She collects rocks and I couldn’t think of a more spectacular location from which to bring one home for her.

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photo by: Nzelvis