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Once we found ourselves moving further into the country, we came across one of the most hilarious sightings of our trip.  As I watched farm after farm pass, watching hundreds and hundreds of cows and sheep, I noticed one farm appeared to have placed a cow statue on one of their three-foot tall stone walls.  I thought that a bit odd but shrugged it off.  As we got closer, I noticed it’s head move!  It was real!  Not a statue!  We pulled over and examined the situation.  I could not figure out how he got up there, nor how he expected to get down!  All the other cows just stood on the ground while the one stood on top of the wall.  We joked that he was “headed to California!” per the commercials.  While the reference to that commercial might disappear from my memory in years, I will never forget that cow!!!

Our GPS was loaded with the most up-to-date maps the service offered, however, on the way to Kinsale, it seemed to take us out of the way.  At first, this irritated me because it utilized such poor roads that didn’t even look as though they were used anymore.  But after a while, we found the benefit to such small roads.  Imagine driving down a back alley in Chicago where fences line the narrow pathway, separating each person’s property.  Now, imagine that the property was a farm and the fence was made of wild grasses with an occasional opening or doorway.  The wild grasses were taller than our car and the path we drove between them was no wider than one single car.  It was really an amazing site.  At one point, we came to a slightly wider section and found a beautiful dog along the road.  He was standing just outside a gate and he watched calmly as we approached.  As soon as we got within 20 feet of him, he changed.  Suddenly, he was running towards us barking.  We continued to drive forward, attempting to speed up a bit to get past him.  As we passed, he picked up speed and began running along side of us!  This continued for a couple blocks until he finally gave up.  We didn’t know what to think!  After it was all over, we laughed pretty hard.

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