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When we landed, things seemed to go quickly as we got off the plane in a matter of minutes.  It wasn’t until we saw the line for customs/immigration that we knew we were in for trouble.  The line was nearly the full length of one of the terminals.  Every time we thought we’d reached the back of the line, we found that it wrapped around another corridor.  Ouch!  Eventually, the line moved a bit quicker but when you have first arrived and it looks to be a several hour wait, you get a bit irritated.   Once we were moving up in the line a bit, we did eventually take enjoyment in the expressions on people’s faces as they were trying to find the end of the line.  Each time someone turned a corner to find the line still hadn’t ended, we got a chuckle out of their “oh shit” face drop.

After we finally went through and I had my passport stamped (woo hoo!) we headed for the car rental.  When we arrived, we were greeted with extra fees that basically tripled our online reservation.  We argued as much as we could but it was sort of take it or leave it… until I get back to the states and give Thrify/Dollar a piece of my mind.  So we finalize the fees and are taken to the remote lot.  They were not ready for us and simply said “oops” as we waited over 20 minutes for our car to be brought around.  Everyone there was really rude, as they were at the airport rental check-in.  I began to question all these rumors on Irish Hospitality.

After we got in the car, we had a scare that our GPS didn’t properly load the Ireland maps I paid for last week but I, being the genius of the family, rebooted the device to find our maps in place.  All was set and we were on the road.

Then the REAL disaster struck.  We were about an hour out of Dublin when our tire shredded.  Dude, I have never seen a tire shred like that.  We pulled over and surveyed the damage �" and it was NOT good.  Worse, we couldn’t get our phones to work.  Finally, I flagged down a truck.  This truck happened to contain two of the nicest gentlemen.  They totally helped us put on the spare and gave us great tips on how to get our phones to work.  Finally, that hospitality I heard about!!

We called Thrifty and their response was basically to tell us tough shit and that we’d have to fix it (and pay for it) ourselves.  In the meantime, some construction guys pulled over to help us.  They were incredibly sweet and I finally got a glimpse of Irish hospitality. 

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photo by: fransglobal