All I wanted was a few drinks, undercover Lithuanian agents get involved...

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I was planning to meet up with Ieva( Ewooce) in Vilnius but she was stuck in Riga on business... oh well next time Ieva :)

I met a few cool guys from Italy from my hostel, Matteo and Adreas, and they invited me to come along for a few drinks.  I had an early flight to Copenhagen in the morning so I didn't want to do anything really, but decided to join my new friends for a few drinks...  So where do we go for drinks hmmmm, Old Town? NO! Andreas just came from Riga and went to 'Skybar' there and he wanted to go to 'Skybar' in Vilnius as well... Ok sounds good, a bar on top of a hotel overlooking Vilnius sweet!

Me and Andreas just wanted to hang out, but our friend Matteo, he wanted girls so he starts talking to a group of 3 girls next to us.  Bear in mind its already 11pm and we are the ONLY non Lithuanins in this bar at this time!  The girls, who were not particularly interested were invited by Matteo to join us at our table so they came over.  While talking the girls mention that they are about to go to another underground bar in Old Town (why go all the way to Old Town I am thinking???)

I join the girls for a smoke, and while grabbing a smoke, one of the  girls mentions that the bar is near the Ramada Hotel, and as we exit the smoker's area, I am immediately approached by TWO MEN! Both men tell me that they are UNDERCOVER LITHUANIAN AGENTS!!! What???  They go on to tell me that in Vilnius there is a HUGE problem of fraud and extorsion where girls take tourists to a specific bar 'Whiskey Bar' located by the Ramada Hotel, order drinks, LEAVE, and the tourist is hit with a HUGE BILL!

The scam goes like this:  Girls bring guys in, order one drink, go to the bathroom but really leave...  Waiter comes over with aa 15,000 Euro bill!  The tourists say they didn't order that, but the girls came with in with the tourists so they are responsible...  The bars are run by the mafia so you don't have a choice of not paying if you know what I mean!

Now I was suspicious from the start since the girls weren't interested in any of us, and my italian friends thought there was something wrong here too, we were about to go home and we weren't drunk enough to fall for the scam, but I can see this scam working on others very easily... Just last week a Japanese tourist was hit with a bill worth 10,000 Euro!  We thank the Lithuanian agents for their help,

If you are wondering if the Lithuanian agents were right, and if the girls were trying to scam us... They were gone before we finished the conversation! No Goodbye Ladies???

So if you are in Riga or Vilnius please be aware of local girls trying to scam tourists... Its a huge problem, It was only in Riga, but now moved down to Vilnius.

Ok on to Copenhagen in the morning...

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photo by: sheylla