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We ride on an average speed of 120 - 150 kmph in Ukraine. If we kept a higher speed the rippled road didn't feel that bad. But there were better roads too, of 6 lanes, where we could ride much faster.

A car driver wanted to show me that his car could speed up to 150 kmph. We were in parallel up to 200 kmph. Anyway, I saw that we were closing to a locality and I reduced the speed to 120 kmph.

I saw a small store in the middle of nowhere and thought I could stop and wait for the guys there. They weren't far behind. I went into the store and it was shocking to me that it was actually a caravan with air conditioner. They were selling cigarettes, juices, sweets and sausages.

I bought a carton of cigarettes at a very small price: 1.
2 RON per pack.

In Romania one pack of L&M Lights costs 4.8 RON. We were filled with joy by the small prices. The others bought juices, sweets and bananas.

Off we were for Kiev, but we got lost in a town near Zitomyr. There were radars on the road, but the ucrainian drivers are kind enough to flash the others whenever they encounter one. We regrouped in Zitomyr and took the highway to Kiev. It is called a highway, but its condition doesn't get near the standard we are used to. It has a better quality than the rest of the roads, but nothing more.

The Ukrainians drive pretty fast. I speed up to 200 kmph and kept it like this all the way to Kiev. Near Kiev, a Lexus flashed me and passed me by at full speed. I think it was racing at approximate 240 kmph.
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photo by: Baiazid