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At Cernauti (Chernivtsi)

We stopped in the first town in Ukraine to exchange our money into the Ukrainian currency: Grivna. 1 EUR = 6.76 Grivna. We had a map for Ukraine but it was written with Latin letters. Cornelia and Skywalker spooked to a man in French (very few Ukrainians can speak English) and he used a pen to write the names of the towns on our map with Cyrillic letters. We headed for the first gas station...

We saw a LukOil and stopped. There are many LukOil gas stations in Romania and their gas is good but it surprised us how low the gas price was here. If we only knew this we wouldn't have filled our tanks in Romania at the border.
Skywalker was upset that a wasp stings him in the back of his neck. The back of his neck was swollen and red.

My first impression of Ukraine:

- The drivers are pretty careful, not as absent-minded as the Romanians.

- The roads are terrible. Not because they have holes, but because they are rippled.

We ate a chocolate bar here. We bought many Mars, Twix and Snikers from Romania because we knew they would keep us satiated and give us plenty of energy. There was no time to eat a warm meal because we were so late.


In Romania, when you fill your tank you:

    * stop the bike at the right pump (95, 98, 99+)
    * you put as much petrol as you need / want
    * go inside the petrol station and pay

I was very surprised that in Ukraine they won't let you fill the tank yourself. They asked how much gas we need! How could we know the exact quantity of gas we need. The point was to fill our tanks and leave.

We convinced the man to first fill our tanks and then see how much we need to pay.

It was so weird that they have different octane value for the gas: 76, 82, 86, 92. The 92 gas was very cheap: 1 liter = 4,6 grivna.

We took the chance to buy some maps written in Cyrillic letters. Off we were again for Kiev... 
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photo by: VilleNew