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The first steps

It was Skywalker's idea. He made the initial plans in February 2007 for a trip to Chernobyl and put a topic about it on a motorcycle forum. I only read this topic on 31-May-2007, but thought it was a great idea so I started seeking information about the danger of the irradiation, the status of the Ukrainian roads and estimated the costs of this trip.

By the next day I had already made a list of the necessary equipment: tools for each and every screw of the motorcycle, chain spray, raincoats, clothes, money, a video camera and some miniDV tapes, a gsm mobile phone, GPS, a printed map of the trip route, chocolate bars, a laptop, oil for the motorcycle.

Based on information from the Internet, the quality of roads in Ukraine is quite good.
The Chernobyl Team
We noted the exchange rate from hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) to leu (Romanian currency).

The team

Cristina + Baiazid -> Bucuresti, Honda CBR900RR
Paula + Pacasac -> Brasov, Suzuki GS500E
Cornelia + Marcos -> Bucuresti, Yamaha FZR1000
Skywalker -> Brasov, Kawasaki ZZR500

All this time, the topic from the forum grew up with many posts and opinions. In the course of June, the team was set: Skywalker (Kawasaki ZZR500), Pacasac + Paula (Suzuki GS500E), Baiazid + Cristina (Honda CBR900RR), Marcos + Cornelia (Yamaha FZR1000). We payed in advance for the Chernobyl tour. we sent 650USD in the bank account of HAMALIA in Kiev. Hamalia will take care about our transportation from Kiev to Chernobyl. Cornelia made our health insurances.

On the 8th of June we met and went to the Ukrainian embassy for the request of a tourist visa. The visa costs 50USD per person.

We thought it was important for us to learn at least a few words in Ukrainian so we learned how to say beer and cigarettes.

During the time I was waiting to receive the visa, I took the opportunity to check my motorcycle: oil change, put new tires and a new air filter.

On the 18th of June, we had our visas released and got a very good news from Skywalker: he had borrowed a Geiger counter and a dosimeter.

So the plan was made, our motorcycles were checked, we had packed up and were waiting for the big day to come.
On the 21st of June 2007 we set out for Chernobyl.
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The Chernobyl Team
The Chernobyl Team
Radiation Detector
Radiation Detector
photo by: tm16dana