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Children playing , Busheri Village , near Tanga Tanzania

Philpo and I set of by Scandinavian Bus for the six hour trip from Dar Es Salaam to Tanga . The main roads are in reasonable condition, a lot of money was donated from and in this case it was  well used to help bring some of the main trunk roads up to a tolerable standard.

Bus trips enable you to observe people and customs and Tanzanians are generally very friendly and sociable people ,if a little shy at making the first conversation. As usual the bus makes frequent stops and passengers buy local market produce and it is great fun to share your food amongst a few others on the bus. I really like the chicken bbq'd on a stick and the chip omlette , not good for the diet but tasty .

I remember that there was a young Mum with two small kids , one about 6months , the other about 2yrs , both full of life and boisterous .

Philipo just leaned over took the youngest boy on his lap and look after him for the whole journey , Do that in the UK and you would be charged with kidnapping a kid !!

Tanga is now a very sleepy,  backwater type market town.Nothing much happens. They are trying to resurrect the rail link from Dar to Tanga so that goods can be exported out from Dar. Think it is still in the planning stage.

Philipo's family stay in a Bushiri a small village about 15kms off the TANGA  to PANGANI  road. The journey takes  long time as this road is not tarmac and is only graded once or twice a year. If it rains ..it is a nightmare.

Bushiri is very close to a Sisal Plantation , Sisal used to employ many people in the local area . It is now being revived and the new owners  are producing Sisal to be used as bedding material for the production of mattresses.

The plant is very hardy and is related to the cactus family.

Bushiri is very poor , no running water or electricity.

Philipo's Dad  , Stephen has a herd of cattle , he studied animal husbandry in NZ in the 70's .

Last year he lost most of his herd ,due to some mysterious disease. Most other years there may be drought.

Farming here is a precarious occupation.

Tanzanian hospitality is wonderful and i ate lunch at my friend's home along with the Local Village Minister who had been conducting a service  for new communicants. in the local church .


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Children playing , Busheri Village…
Children playing , Busheri Villag…
photo by: Kynsley