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Well its been four weeks in India come tomorrow, and what with it being Easter the shops and Mr Internet will all be closed until Tuesday, which is the day i travel back up to Mumbai.  This has come around rather fast, and also due to lack of dates and being a lazy person that i am, i didnt notice that the date i was flying back was Tuesday, in my stupid hair brained head i could of sworn it was of all things Thursday!!! and so sadly i have only 2days left on Anjuna beach, omg, 2days on the beach, no more lunches at the sea bird, no more heys and another kingfisher beer from the guys, no more swimming in the indian ocean.. and no more, yes lord yes, no more hassle from those hawkers!! untill i guess Thailand where i bet there is the same problem and the same amount of cheap beads to flog as there is here.
well my last few days have been pure relaxation, its been just so comfortable to kick back and just sit on the beach listening to Goldfrapp and the smiths and watch the sea and the ppl.  Anjuna is one of those places you can just watch other ppl all day long, be it the locals playing cricket on the beach, or tourists playing frizbe down by the shore.  I dont believe i could ever get bored, of just doing nothing but listen to my pod and drink endless bottles of beer.  Well as its the last saturday in India i best go treat myself to a really good dinner.  Noodles and Prawns from Oasis, tho i had a really nice Goan fish stew yesterday at Sea Queen while i watched of all films, Full Monty!! which i do kinda think passed over the top of some ppls heads? but alot of Brits showed up to watch the film.  I do wish they was gonna show the spurs match on tv today, but sadly the highlights for my match come on at 10.30 and i am sure the guys at Eatopia will be watching something else? but i can try and see.. Oh and funny thing the other day i saw some dude wearing our away shirt from 2seasons ago, that made me gawk right at him and grin and think ay up!! i think i will wear my shirt down there on Monday, i just didnt want it getting mucked up from the sand, i know if we win i will wear it down, if we lose, well we aint gonna lose against west bore utd..
i wonder if anything will be open tomorrow i know it wont be hey not everyone is catholic in Goa, there are some Hindus here 2? so maybe there is a chance the bank is open? i am never quite sure if those things run during the important occasions. 
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photo by: msarkar2810