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me chill-laxing in my room!! so so cheap and this was before the rat lol

Barclays bank, international bank, internet bank, phone banking use any atm in the world with a barclays account, oh sure as long as your not in India at the time of a withdraw.  Now i am not that stupid, i knew two years back to phone up my bank to tell them i was heading off for a couple of months around south america, just in case they saw dodgy money coming out of my bank, so this time like a good traveller i phoned up again one week before my plane took off, to tell barclays bank that i was leaving for India, and carrying on to Thailand a month later, well that was ok, yes thats great have a nice trip, get to india and i use my card at the only ATM in anjuna on Tuesday and fine no problem, i book my plane ticket back to mumbai a day later, hmmm still no problem? and guess what today Saturday when i have no more money left apart for 10r and 20quid in english, i head off early (EARLY MORNINGS I DONT DO) to the only ATM in anjuna to find out my card is being refused, the first thing i think is oh shit its ran out of money just my luck, but the dude before me said it worked fine, the ATM dude who looks after the little booth says its fine, just me then, thats when i twigged it, those idiots didnt put the bleeding info thru, why else would it not be working, so off i walk back in the burning sun with still no money, so what did i do, well i panic, start thinking i am screwed i have no money not even to make a phone call home, my stupid fecking phone doesnt work in Goa and i have no cash for the internet to tell ppl i am alive, who due to electricity and ppl being on the only computer that works in Anjuna i havent emailed home since Wednesday.

it wasnt all beer and spicy food, i also did drink coca colas
  I grab my english money, passport and think well damm you barclays your gonna get one telling off from me, head off to the money exchange get a terrible rate for ten quid but i have no option but to take it, and then go to make my phone call, get thru to barclays, and for some reason (them thinking i am into international fraud) are asked questions like where did i work for? where did i buy a pair of 60quid jeans from in London the other week? its like jesus i know its for my own sake but i need to get some money otherwise i am proper screwed over here, the woman then tells me that my record says nothing about travelling to india or thailand (quelle susprise) and that i should of told them i was going, well that was the straw that broke the camals back, i told them they were outrageous i did indeed make the phone call and how on earth would someone be able to know where i brought a pair of 60quid jeans in london the other week? who do they think i was Dr X from bleeding XMEN the all seeing eye, well this makes me feel that when i get back i will indeed change banks, as the stress they put me thru was not on, it was cruel and wrong and not fair.
love this lamp shade
  Barclays bank, you have gone down in my books by a long shot. 

As for everything else, well i found the perfect place on the beach, no hawkers, and a beach lounger and a bar just behind me, its quite a walk down the south end, but its worth it for the peace and quiet and that is wonderful and the main reason i choose India for, to get away and think, and listen to The Smiths on my ipod in peace with a ice cold kingfisher beer.  As for Roland Rat, well i am not sure if he came in thru the window or thru the door when i was in the bathroom, but the moment i was in my room listening to Madonna on my travel speakers this shot of brown and black ran out the room and into the garden, now i am not scared of rats or mice or spiders or beetles or bees or snakes but it did make me laugh and worry how long had it been under the bed for, i mean, when i booked my room, it was with the intention of being a private room for one, not one and a rat for company? i wont tell the lady who owns the place, because come on its out in the fields, its surrounded by all sorts of beasts and chickens and birds, so a rat is no different to those things, apart from it may of had rabies, but i got my jab for that two years ago, so if i start foaming at the mouth then its more likely to be the beer than a rat with rabies.


I am off to the glorious beach that is Anjuna beach, and find hopefully the same spot i had yesterday where i was kept away from the hawkers, its not like i have anything against these ladies, its just i already got bracletts and sarongs and things, i dont need anymore, and if i was gonna buy anything new it will be fridge magnets and keyrings for the ppl back in blighty.  not fabulous bags and giant rugs which will never fit in a lorry let alone a bleeding karimor rucksack.  well i best try the ATM again its a fifteen minute walk and in this heat its no joking matter, but if i do end up a pool of skin and blood in the middle of Anjuna beach road, please blame it on Barclays bank.

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me chill-laxing in my room!! so so…
me chill-laxing in my room!! so s…
it wasnt all beer and spicy food, …
it wasnt all beer and spicy food,…
love this lamp shade
love this lamp shade
photo by: msarkar2810