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I arrived a week ago in Chaweng, it is on the island of Samui, its one of the largest islands in Thailand along with Ko Samet.  So far i have spent most of my days snorkling on the beach, and swimming out in the sea, as this is paradise, i am in paradise.  I have met so many nice people in this week, than i ever did the whole time i was India and Phuket, the people here are so nice and so friendly.  Yes Chaweng is very expensive, so if you are planning on coming here, make sure you budget enough for it.  its almost triple what it costs in Phuket.

  Good news is, Chaweng has a excellent pub, a big Irish pub called Tropical Murphys which shows English football and boxing, sadly i overslept on the sunday past and missed the Ricky Hatton fight.  The pub sells Strongbow and Magners and that to anyone who has been suffering from drinking just Beer for 7weeks is a godsend.  tho you best be willing to fork out atleast 3.50 a bottle, not a pint.  They do sell pints but thats way more expensive at nearly a fiver a pint.  but 2quid for a chang.  The food in Murphys is ok, nothing out of this world, but still tasty and nice.  and cheap, well i think its cheap?

My bungalow is wonderful, its huge, everything you would want, comfortable clean room, a nice bed, clean hot shower and loo, balcony area with table and chairs, and a large screen tv.

  Everything is just perfect.  And the lady who owns the place i am staying at looks like the Thai version of Joan Collins, she is so glamourous.  She brings fruit and fresh bottled water to everybody each night, which is ideal, as i dont think i saw any fruit in Phuket, and so is very nice to have some this past week.

i leave in 9days, and right now i am glad, i think i have done my trip, i mean, you can only stay on the beach what so many times before it becomes boring, listen to the same music on the ipod, hear the same travelling stories from other people, eat the same food, drink the same beer.  i want to go back to sort out things back home, i was planning on moving away to a new area by September and i really need to find exactly where i am planning on living? brighton or derby? i have had this converstation going off in my head now for the past week, its kinda been creepin in, and a email i receieved yesterday kinda has forced this onto me a little bit more.

  i am not one to get too upset, and i am usually physically strong willed and minded, but right now i just want to go home and be near familar things, and finally sort my life out.  living on a whim is great for a month but life has to get back to some normal order? i just have to figure out what that is and how to do it soon.  i dont think i will be doing anything interesting or fantastically out of this world in the next 9days.  so this is prob my final blog.  its different to the one in South America, i guess because we always were in internet cafes wasting time and keeping ourselves busy, this has been more of a relax beach holiday, sadly my pictures arent uploading which is a bummer and sad for my family who wished to see what exactly this new paradise looks like.  but i will upload them when i am back in england if i rememember to do so.
  Travelling the world on your own, isnt scary, and i dont think anyone should be put off thinking it will be, you just gotta get out there and make friends, and if you dont make friends, because there is noone there or people are just moody, then who cares, because that first step out the door is the main thing, and your doing something which others arent, your seeing the world.  You should be proud that you made it, and live each day and experience everything that comes along. 

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photo by: alpgalip