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one of the nicer ladies on the beach. she was a wicked hawker!! she was like take my picture and make me famous lol so i said cool no worries

Its nearly the end of the season, and all the red brit tourist are heading home, the beach is becoming isolated and quiet, which is lovely for those who love there peace and quite (being moi) i do have to say whatever i said previously, this is a gorgeous beach, and has charm, i think if i was travelling within a group i wouldnt feel so out of place, i think it isnt the best place for a single lone traveler, not like Anjuna, but if i was in say a group it would make one hell of a difference.  The Hawkers who must of seen my white skin like a mile away have turned into some of the nicest ppl i have met while in India, and tho i may not end up buying there gorgeous beads and sarongs, i do talk with them about life on the beaches, one girl , Natasta to all us English but really has a lovely Indian name which nobody can say, is only 15years old, and has been working the beach of Candolim since she was 9!! sent out by her parents from the east part of Goa, she hasnt seen her family for over 6months, and might i add, she isnt as pushy as the other sellers, in fact she is a really nice girl and if you ever come to the beach, make sure you buy something off her.

sunloungers, which arent free!!! but its cheap and the guys do keep you loaded with food and drink
  She was telling me in perfect english, that she wishes she had gone to school to learn to read and write thus to get a better job, and that made me tell her, hey your only 15!! you can go to school do everything you want, and then be whatever you wish, i dont think she believes me, but this girl has brains and is wasted on this beach in south east India!! I just spent the entire day reading my book (so far i have read the entire Roddy Doyle barrytown trilogy, Agatha christies the pale horse, and Pullmans Ruby in the smoke, and now finishing Collins the woman in white, which might i add, Sarah Waters has totally reinvented into Fingersmith) i just watched the world go by without a care in the world, drinking my beer and just loving the fact i was sitting on some beach in India, and guess what i see out in the Ocean, a gorgeous Dolphin, swimming about in the sea, it was one of those OMG moments and i was just wow that was perfect ending to a truly lush day.

I do miss the people back home, i miss silly things like, my duvet and gorging on sweets for no reason, english crisps, and friends who just love to hang out and drink til the late hours, oh and i miss Man U glory supporters who claim to be dead good at DJing lol.  These right now i miss, and wish they could share this day. 

Tho saying that not everything is lovely here in India, Sadly the dude from the Ola Jeeps tours has become a personal stalker, and so far has been knocking on my door late at night asking me out for a drink, even tho i am totally with someone back home, its both off putting and freaking me out to the point that last night i double bolted my door, and place the writing desk against it, because not once but twice last night he came a knocking first at 9.

my little beach bar
15 and then 20mins later, and can i add, i never once said i would go for a drink, he mentioned it, i said na as i would be both too tired and sleeping, now how the hell does that become, hey come over to my room and bang on my door and wake me up and scare the shit out of me, btw i am on my own, which makes it even worse.  Nope i did not say hey come over and freak me out.  Yet he does it tonight i will truly loose my rag. 

Well only two more days here and then end the Indian experience back north, and look forward to seeing Thailand.

glorysupporter says:
The Man U 'Glory Supporter' really enjoyed that Sunday when we all went out for a roast. Got home in time for the Man U vs Tottenham match.....awww, how sweet lol I think the Man U Glory supporter needs to come over and rescue you from the people that come knocking at all hours eh. If only. Sounds as if you're having a wonderful time... Man U misses you a tiny little bit too lol. Stay safe! x
Posted on: Mar 31, 2009
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one of the nicer ladies on the bea…
one of the nicer ladies on the be…
sunloungers, which arent free!!! b…
sunloungers, which arent free!!! …
my little beach bar
my little beach bar
hawkers looking at there bits and …
hawkers looking at there bits and…
sun setting over candolim
sun setting over candolim
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