Giant butterflys and cuttelfish and going green!!

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India has some of the prettiest butterflys i have ever seen, ok, they arent Giant Morpho standards, but they still are damm pretty.  They kinda of hussle around the outside of my room in the mornings, thats one thing i do love is butterflys.  English ones are so tiny compared to these gorgeous little giants.  Mrs DeMello keeps a nice tidy garden and thats one of the best things about where i am staying at, that its kept nice and tidy, just in case you mistake a twig for some snake, or some leaves for spiders nest. 

The whole of anjuna beach was covered in cuttlefish, and not just your budgie size ones, we are talking small baby ones to one that was the size of a large portion of Cod!! i have never noticed these before on the beach, so something must of happened for all these little bodies to be on show.  I also noticed alot of dead crabs, and sea shells about.  Also i noticed two little old ladies, who wear wearing yellow jackets and ever so gradually were going down the beach sweeping up bits of rubbish, which is one of the major problems facing beaches like this, we the traveller toursit backpacker holiday maker, bring so much rubbish with us, that in the end we leave more than just our footprints, we leave shit loads of mess.  The amount of plastic water bottles is scary, there is a huge pile of just plastic water bottles a little off from the beach, and i pass it everyday to the beach, i look at it and i think, of how they could do with a recyling system.  Esp with the amount of bottled water ppl go thru while in India and Goa, i mean, if they had some sort of system they could save money on making new bottles and thus help with the planet, but, and i say but, its down to us, to put our rubbish safely away. I remember in Costa Rica they had bins esp for Plastic and Cans? they did well.  India could totally lead the world when it comes to things like this.  Otherwise its gonna happen each new year, more rubbish and more piles of bottles. 

With that passing lol, the beach was great again, i am seriously loving this whole relaxing around doing nothing, and just watching the world do its thing, ok the hawkers here in Anjuna are getting more angry due to the end of season and they got lots of unwanted stock to get rid of, but the fruit sellers are wicked!! and can i just add, i helped the lady with her giant fruit basket off her head, and this thing weighed more than my backpack, which is bloody scary as, this poor woman in all that heat, and humity carrying around something that could only be described as the weight of a teenager and all on her head, she told me its the coconuts!! but really its the watermelon, 20r a slice which isnt bad at all.  I had a mango, i could seriously just eat those all day long, and tesco should be ashamed of itself, as the ones they sell are manky and gross, unlike these ones which taste 5star.  Well i best get looking for a phone that i can use later, a very important phone call back to Bedford at 10am GMT which is 2.30pm my time or 3pm!! only problem is, apart from getting the right time, finding a phone shop which is open at this time, as it seems that they kinda have a siesta between 2-4pm eikkk.  oh well my hook or my crook i shall prevail.  Finished Third Girl and swapped it for heavens i cant believe it myself, they do it with mirrors, Go Agatha!!! i also eyed up the Blue Train, but i have already got that one back home!!

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photo by: msarkar2810