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Ok so i am back in Anjuna, and already got cursed by some little hawker off the beach, she was one of the nasty ones that pulled my arm nearly off a few weeks back, and she came right up to me, and goes hey you buy something from me, i was thinking, how rude she is compared to the ladies and girls in Candolim and also some of the ladies here in Anjuna, and thought no, no way, plus i remembered her pulling at my arm the other week so thought no not on your life babe.  Well i tell her no, and actually which is the dead honest truth i have done all my Indian Shopping now, 2bags, 3 sarongs, god knows how many beads and braclets and bits and bobs, so no i dont need anymore stuff to take all the way to thailand just to buy all over again from another kid selling stuff on the beach at prob the same price.  So she is not very happy or impressed by this no way jose moment, and tells me well your nasty and your gonna have bad luck, which i know is a major thing for all the hawkers because after a sale, they ask you to wish them luck and then they wish you luck etc etc. so i turn around and say well actually i have got plenty of luck, as all the other ladies and fruit sellers tell me so, and in fact the way your acting all rude like isnt doing your luck or karma any good, i think she understood what i meant kept saying bad luck, and all that jazz, and i thought, well if you had been say like Natasha from Candolim or the little old lady who did my indian head massage then no worries, but she was a little brat, and a brat is a brat anywhere in the reguardless of where we come from and live. And i thought, you know she is gonna get a right slap one of these days from a tourist if she keeps pressing on like the way she did, as i noticed she was the same with some other tourists on the beach.  And they were not impressed by it.  Its a shame, but out of all the people i have met so far, she is the only one who has been rude, the stalker doesnt count, that was just plain weird.

Anyhoo, the day on the beach was great, i had a decent day, and fantastic lunch via the cheap as chips Sea Bird shack.  Except sadly they had ran out of Tiger beer :O which reminds me, on my last day in Candolim i found what can only be described as heaven sent, a Indian Cider, its called Thunderbolt and is a fabulous 8% proof, its based on some 200year old reciepe and was in my own clear cut words, out of this world, seriously i think someone should export it over to the UK as its damm tasty.  But only saw it in Candolim and even then it was 60r which is what 87p or near abouts, i have looked here in Anjuna at the Oxford stores, but no not there.  Its a shame i would of like to taken one back with me, but it was one hell of a laugh when i saw the words INDIAN CIDER, and then the even funnier words 8% proof!! esp when i been drinking Kingfisher which is by all accounts only 4.5% and tastes like a shandy.  Well i am gonna keep my eyes peeled just in case i do manage to find another Thunderbolt.  Thailand on the other hand is well and truly booked and packed.  Sorted out my transfers, i have sorted out my bungalow and hotel, its all done, i was starting to panic about the season thinking that it be full of ppl and so i wouldnt find anywhere to stay, but i have already been asked if i want pickups from the airport in Phuket and Koh Samui so get in.  I been looking at my book on Thailand Beaches and where i am heading is meant to be one of the nicest beaches in the world, tho i have noticed with the majority of guide books they do tend to say that about a few beaches.  As long as its not polluted and filled with vile sex tourists i dont mind, as i couldnt think of anything worse than seeing the horrors which lie about over on Patong beach, as i clearly noticed a few of them flying onwards from my flight to Mumbai a few weeks back.  Needless to say, thats why i have chosen the more family friendly orientated places, so hopefully no Full Metal Jacket moments of downtown sluttery, tho i will be going to see the Simon show, but that isnt gross or XXX more Hollywood meets Lilly Savage dress ups.  But Thailand is still 10days off, so i dont have to think about that yet. 

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photo by: msarkar2810