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Well i arrived to the beach of Candolim yesterday, and oh my god, i am in pure backpacker hell.  First of, this place is only aimed at one type of traveller, and that type is this demographic... Old, White, Middle class, and oh English.. you cant move for all the fellow brits on the beach with there red white skin buring in the indian sun, buying things and not haggling the price, no wonder everything is double the price here, because they dont know how to play the travelling game.  Row after row of, cheap hotels lie the main road going down to the beach, ok so its easy on the eye, you cant see any poverty and no bungalow shacks, but its so bloody fake its unreal, i mean, i love english pubs, most of all i love trying to find a english pub on the otherside of the world (paddys in cusco forever, even tho its irish) but here, its not entirely english pub, just because it sells Becks on tap does not qualify it as a proper english boozer.  Food wise, nothing special, your gonna end up paying 200r for a tikka compared to 130r back in Anjuna, the price of beer remains the same, 50/40r for a small and 80/90r for a large. 

The only good part about Candolim is my guest house is bloody amazing, the room is gorgeous, clean, comfortable bed, lovely pillows, my own shower etc, and a patio overlooking coconut trees.  Yet its stuck down some god awful dark alley way, which is not ideal if your own your own walking back from the bright lights of english pubdom. 

The beach is ok, nothing out the this world tho,  sun loungers cost 100r a day to rent, and i am not sure if they are actually for rent but some guy takes money for it anyways.  There are lots of Shacks along the beach, and are meant to be dead cheap, so will try out one tonight, i feel so pissed off i have to stay here a whole week, i mean its more like a holiday place than anything backpacking nice, Anjuna was more a backpackers place, you could feel it, here its like being in bloody spain.  Oh and the hawkers are worse here, so be warned if you do decided to get a tan on Candolim be warned that they are like there name, they will hunt you down and take no prisoners. 

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photo by: stephandadam