Two days to go, my last cider in England and info on india visa

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Hey folks it me, back again on another whirlwind adventure, this time i am off to Asia the Far east, all in all, India and Thailand, ok so you all prob been there done that, seen that, heard this, well i have never been and have always wanted to go, i wasnt gonna go to be truthful, i was actually going to run off to greece and backpack around the islands, but fate stepped in, and made me change my mind.  They do say that India is one of the best places to get over a broken heart, tho my heart isnt broken, but i am hoping to in the words of John Lennon find some karma. but once this trip is over, thats it for me, i have to finally move on and get my life into some order. 

So here i am, all booked up for March 15th 09, the date i fly out of England and head to Mumbai, one of the most fabulous cities in the world.  Am i nervous, hell yeah, i have only ever been to derby on my own and that was by train, and that was only 2hours... a few months on my own, with only my ipod and a bloody lonely planet.. but i wont be totally alone as i am taking my spork with me.  Seriously, i am nervous but i guess its all part of life, to do things on your own, to seek out what we truly want, plus i know i shall come back knowing what it is i want? So the tickets are booked, the hostels are book well my first week in both india and thailand, seek out a pub and i shall be happy.  I have already booked my flight down to Goa.. i have my yellow fever jab, i got plenty of malaria tablets left over, dont run out til 2010, and i got a nice new day sack for all the gorgeous glass beads i shall buy. hmmm whats left is visa and finding out what clothes to take this time, there is no way i am gonna get lumbered with boring old lady clothes again. well this is the first step of my journey.. i shall return with updates on my bags and places to eat and pubs god i hope i find a english pub.

As for the Indian Visa well, its easy, just log on to the offical website, and fill out all the forms, print the forms and finally send them away to gain your visa, its that easy, your passport and visa will be back in 3days, it is pricy tho, at 35quid, but atleast its one less stress.

Well i am off now down to Brighton for a spree with my close mates, just to say goodbye farewell and drink and dance and party till saturday morning on the pebbles of brighton beach, and sadly drink my last cider.  but i am excited and i cant wait to step off that plane in India.

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