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If I am to share my journey to DC for the inauguration, there is a bit of a back story that is required.  You see I did not travel to DC alone nor was I chosen to be a volunteer for the inauguration randomly from some online application.  No, there was one reason I was in DC on 1/20/09 and that reason's name is Chris. 

Chris and I met exactly a year ago today, three days after I had broken up with my boyfriend.  Chris seemed like a nice guy and a good way to "get back on the horse".   I never really thought that I would like someone so quickly after a breakup.  I am not what I call a "relationship hopper".  So it took me by surprise how much I liked him.  I won't bore you with the details but we dated for several months and I saw serious potential in him for being a lifetime partner.  The problem was that I'm not a relationship hopper.  I like to take time to be on my own and learn and grow from relationships after they end.  I needed that time and space between the ex and Chris. 

To say he wasn't pleased with this would be putting it mildly.  When I told him I needed us to just be friends (June 13, 2008), he fought me on it.  I told him in 6 months, he'd be perfect!  The friendship failed before it began.  He told me he would be my friend but he wasn't a very good one as he was always trying to convince me why we should be more.  The friendship ended after this conversation in August of '08. 

Me: You're not a very good friend
Chris: I don't want to be your friend
Me: You said you would be my friend
Chris: I lied

It was then 3 months till we would see each other again.  In that time, the Obama campaign kept both of us in the minds of the other.  Chris went to work for the campaign over the summer.  He just happened to be the Field Organizer (FO) for *my* neighborhood.  This meant that every time they had target lists that came up, my name, phone number, email address, and home address was popping up.  He kept sending other volunteers to my house to do the knocking.  Meanwhile, I was sitting on the couch talking with Caprice one night with the TV on in the background on mute.  All of a sudden I see Chris there on the news.  I quickly unmuted to listen to the interview of him as a campaign worker.  He looked so cute!  It must have been late September or early October but I definitely started thinking about him again after having put him out of my mind for two months. 

I went to the Dayton Oktoberfest (highly recommended!) and had a few beers (3 actually).  I was feeling pretty good, ran into a million folks I knew, and wondered if Chris would be there.

  He tended to volunteer at these events so I thought he might be working a booth or something.  I sent him a [drunk] text saying I'd seen him on the news and seeing if he was at Oktoberfest.  He was actually at a wedding in Georgia but we began texting each other randomly after that. 

The night of the election Chris was at the HUGE campaign party at the Masque.  He was out of his mind with excitement after they called the election and was begging (through texts) for me to come join him.  I had been out with Caprice earlier in the evening until they called Ohio but went home exhausted after working a long day at practicum which I told to Chris (through texts of course).  He implied through his response that he didn't believe that I was actually home. 

I did not appreciate him implying that I lied to him which I told him over im the next day.  I told him it upset me that he would ever think that I was being untruthful.  I had always been straight forward, open, and honest with him since we met so I was mad that he would think that.  He immediately apologized and asked if he could make it up to me by taking me to a concert that Saturday.  So smooth…so of course I said yes. 


He took me to see Willy Porter at Canal Street Tavern (great local venue).  I was nervous and told Caprice it was a “not date” because I wasn’t sure if it was a “friends thing” or a date.  It was great seeing him after 3 months.  The pitcher of beer helped with the nervousness and we easily fell back into rhythm as we listened to Willy.  We ended up talking that night in my car for 3hours.  Neither of us wanted to leave. 


He told me that night that he had been asked to go to Georgia to work on the runoff senate campaign for Jim Martin.  We had gone out Saturday night and by Monday morning he was gone.  We had finally reconnected and then he left for 3 weeks.  At this point I knew I was a goner with this one.  We talked at night after he would finally collapse in bed exhausted and imed during the day while we both worked.  I could not wait for him to come home. 


He came home in early December and I was due to leave for California and New York two weeks later for my winter break.  We had two glorious weeks and I was already in love with him.   He showed me his calender for December 13th where it was written "Today I'd be perfect".  He had programmed that in the day I broke up with him in June.  I love being right!  Because on that day, 6 months later, he was perfect.  I gushed to friends and family the entire time I was gone.  Coming back in January, we were finally reunited for good! 

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Willy Porter
Willy Porter
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