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Carlsberg Tower, Sentosa

(note: I am copying this from another blog... I can't believe it's been 3 years since my last visit. I can't wait)

March 24, Friday,
we arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore at about 7 in the evening.
Singapore and the Philippines share the same time zone, so no need to
adjust my watch. Upon arrival what struck me? the airport! Changi
Airport-unlike NAIA-looks like a big mall. Complete with a wide array
of shops and food establishments, that is, on top of the duty free
shops. After all the necessary arrival
routines, i.e. immigration papers and baggage check out, we took a cab
to our residence for 3 days, at a penthouse unit in Bauhinia Court,
Maplewoods Condominium along Bukit Timah. Immediately I was informed
that cabs we're strictly for 4 persons, or 4 adults and a child (unlike
here where sometimes we can fit in up to 6!). Then i noticed that
vehicles in Singapore are right-hand driven, hence they follow a
right-hand traffic regulations as well.

My family at the Night Safari
The road
we took to Maplewoods was the Pan Island Expressway, aka PIE [yes, this
information I eagerly asked our trusty cab driver]. The traffic in PIE
is very light, and traffic rules were strictly obeyed. The streets were
absolutely spic and span and we're decorated by plants on either side
of the streets. Imagine if EDSA was like that!On
the morning of our second day our first stop was to Jurong, to see the
Jurong Bird Park. From Bukit Timah, we took a bus to a transit mall.
Kind of like our Farmers Plaza in Cubao, only, theirs is more posh.

With sisters @ Bukit Timah Waiting shed

Family @Bus station to Jurong

Jurong Bird Park
From Bukit Timah, Jurong in the South West part of Singapore was 2 bus rides

Penguins @ Jurong Birdpak
They actually have a shuttle that brings guests to the
attraction. Jurong bird park houses over 9,000 birds from 600 species.
It is an entire zoo that houses our feathered friends. I especially
liked the World of Darkness, which is an airconditioned enclosure and whose environment was patterned after the owl's natural habitat.

There were several bird shows also held in Jurong Bird Park, what we were able to see was the Children's Parrot Show at the Pools Ampitheater.

w/ sisters at parrot show

After our promenade at Jurong Bird Park, we had lunch at Jurong East Center.
At the food court lunch starts at Sing $3.50 up. I had meatball noodle
and boy, was it spicy. Singaporean food is rich in curry and has a lot
of different spices. My dad says they taste all the same, but being a
fan of spicy food myself I didn't have a lot of trouble enjoying them.After
lunch we went to Seiki Mall in Bugis center, now this place is just
like any ordinary mall.
Jurong Bird Park
There were some familiar brands like Giordano
and Hang Ten. I especially liked the Disney shop.

Sentosa Island
Our next destination was Sentosa Island, an island south of Singapore. Now,
in Sentosa, you will never get bored. There are a lot of things one can
do, like visit the Dolphin Lagoon, see the Merlion statue, have a blast
at the Palawan and Bora bora beach and ride the cable cars, among other

at the dragon trail

Sunday morning we heard mass at the church of St. Ignatius at Kingston.
Amazingly, even at church the Singaporeans seem to be very organized in
hearing mass and in receiving communion.

Kingston overpass, after the Mass

What the hell is Ikea? Have you ever seen those catalogs? Well Ikea is a
furniture and other home goods store and at such bargain prices.
Jurong Bird Park
My dad
bought a lamp that has this iron skeleton and what seemed like japanese
paper wrapped around it at around Sg$15 (around 450 PhP) when that
would've cost about a few thousands here in the Philippines.

w/ jessi and maui @ BK, Ikea

We had lunch at Burger King in Ikea... Mind you, a burger meal there costs
about Sg$ 6.50 (195 PhP) so let's eat all the burgers here where it's

we took a double-decker bus! After lunch we went to the Orchard Road in Ngee Ann City, where the Singapore Fashion Festival 2006 was being held during our visit. There we shopped in Takashimaya, Wisma
Atria and the Paragon Plaza.. and yes, we saw MTV VJ Denise. Shoppers
delight! Electronics are cheap in Singapore :D

Shopping at Orchard Road

w/ jessi at Surf Girl shop

Although Singapore and the Philippines share the same time zone, there's one big
difference though.
Jurong Birdpark
... at 6.50 pm, the sun is still up. The sun sets at
about 7pm in Singapore, this is because geographically, Singapore is
closer to the equator.

Night Safari

Our last stop was back at Jurong in the ever-popular, Night Safari. Upon
arrival we took the tram tour. The tram as you can see below can seat
five persons in a row and is open on either side so tourists can view
the animals. It's like walking through a wild jungle... on wheels...
and of course with a tour guide. Aside from the regulars, lions,
hyenas, rhinos and others, what struck me was this 3-foot rat!!! Deym!
That's something i dont wanna see running around my house. There were a
variety of souvenir shops too and a lot of costumed artists performing
flaming acts. After our tram tour, we went to watch the Creatures of the Night show
in their ampitheater.
Surf Girl Shop, Takashimaya
. we got in immediately before the show started so
we got the seats at the backmost row. Alas, they made a creature walk
on a tight-rope directly above my head!! creepy!

my tram ride

After this we had dinner at Newton Hawkers where we had a sugar cane juice...
well, this tastes pretty much just like coconut water or something like
that. I'd still get iced tea any time.Well, that's it for my
singapore adventure.. I hope you've learned a thing or two. I sure did,
I learned that even though Singapore, a country with absolutely no
natural resources, can be as successful and rich as it is, then most
certainly the Philippines can do the same. I just hope so.

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Carlsberg Tower, Sentosa
Carlsberg Tower, Sentosa
My family at the Night Safari
My family at the Night Safari
Penguins @ Jurong Birdpak
Penguins @ Jurong Birdpak
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Birdpark
Jurong Birdpark
Surf Girl Shop, Takashimaya
Surf Girl Shop, Takashimaya
Noodle-rama with my little sister
Noodle-rama with my little sister
Disney shop in Seiki
Disney shop in Seiki
its dark, but thats the merlion …
it's dark, but that's the merlion…
Jurong Birdpark
Jurong Birdpark