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hey everyone,

Yesterday i made my farewell party with some of my friends. It was really good to see almost everyone for maybe the last time. i m sure i ll miss them and some place in brisbane but i prefer be happy to know them than sad to leave them, moreover a lot of things are waiting for me during my long trip.

Actually, i m glad because facebook ll allow me to keep in touch with almost all my Australian friends and i hope to be able to visit them, in their country, during my next trip. to be honest i was a bit sad as i was leaving roma park, last night. Indeed, i was thinking about all these bbq we made there, all the friends who i met there, all the good party we made.

I wanna tell a little word to each of my friends, i ll try to not omit anyone (but it ll be hard):


my favorite brazilian (/japannesse..lol) friend, this man is such a good man, very nice, so easy going and friendly with anyone. I like ur way of thinking bro...!!! and i hope u ll be able to read this message... but more important i hope we can keep in touch for next year, i ll come to visit you and ur wife u can be sure of that.


This woman is simply amazing, she is always in a good mood, it s so nice when she is around. i really appreciate her because she has a huge heart. I m gonna visit u in columbia in two years, i swear it. Anyway don t forget i ll be around in april, i wanna see u again before my departure .

Gokhan and Cevdet:

my both favorite turkish man, i ll miss u man. U r such funny men bro's...i hope i ll have the opportunity to come in turkey in the future. if i come, i ll catch u in Antalya because it s seem to be a fucking good place mates... see u around men.


i m very disapointed because i didn't take the time to know u better bro...u seem to be such a good man, so friendly. i hope i ll be able to visit u in columbia with carolina.


I m so glad i was able to know u man, u have a so good soul. i really wanna visit u in peru soon. i hope thah we can keep in touch until this trip.


Oh my god, i was so far to think that japanesse people can be like u, u r so funny. i think u r still a child inside who just wanna drink beers and have fun with her friends...lol. By the way thank u for ur message ! and don t forget japan ll winnnnnn....lol . i hope i ll be able to come in japan soon, i ll be my best to come i swear it.


My favorite korean friends, u r so cool man and i ll remenber for a while our trip together bro !!! it s simple i think u r the most funny koreen i have never seen...

Junko and Tomoyo ( i m not sure for the name anyway i was calling u tomorrow so...lol):

U r so funny girls with ur famous sentence...i m so sorry, sorry, sorry, i m really so sorry...lol.

Kevina, Irene, Rosa and jhonny:

Very happy to know u, u r very good person. Actually, i really miss the school when we were together.

Gabriel, carlos and Viviana:

U seem to be really good person, i just regret the fact to not know u better but i m happy to have had the possibility to know u

The french bbq team...lol (helena, ken, floriant, christophe, the both julien, adeline, mathieu, jonathan, gaetan and edouard)

Very happy to have had the opportunity to know u and i hope we can keep in touch, in the futur. see u soon guyssssssss !!!!!!


u r so friendly and easy going, now i know the brasilian touch...party, party and party...opppss sorry i forgot friends and alcohol...lol. Anyway, i ll let u know when i ll be able to come in brasil, no worries.

For the rest i m sorry but i m run out time...but i ll just wanna tell thank you to jenny, kate, Yuri, Romain, Moon ju, Arianna, Sandra, Joane, min jun, Nicole and her germain bread..., Fabio, Nelson, Junior. Yes i wanna thank u for what u r and just let u know that u allow me to enjoyed my brissie trip...

I ll finish by wish to everyone good luck in life, i hope that everthing gonna be alright for u. don t forget the most important is not the past or the future but the present so the only advice i have to give u is just try to enjoy the present...Carpe Diem (comprendre qui pourra...lol)

Hope to see u soon bro'ssssssssssssssss ...!!!!!!!!!!

Ps : this message is for the people who i m gonna leave soon not for those who have already left brissie. it s just to tell that i didn't forget all my others friends...
And sorry if i forget someone...

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