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hey everyone, now i m gonna talk about the first part of my travel, let the story started:

the first day:

It s already the time to leave my brissie life... to tell u everything i was really sad when heather drove me at the airport...but it s life...

Anyway, i had have just the time to eat a subway before took my plane... the way was really short, something like 2 hours or maybe less !
from the plane i could see the greet barrier reef...amazing, it took my breath away !!!

Well, i arrived at cairns around 2 pm, i took a bus to my backpacker, cairns beach house. The backpack was quiet good, i manage to met some people and there were a lot who were doing the same trip than me, so cool!!! 

The first night i went to bed really early because i need to be ready for the day after, to do the on the wallaby tour...

Second  day :

I just had the time to take a coffee and the little bus was there to pick up me for the journey, on the wallaby tour.

This journey was really good, the guide was quite good, u know this kind of guide who are quiet funny when it s necesarry and really quite when u need it, moreover he had a really good roadtrip sound, such a nice thing to listen. We went to the rainforest, it was my first time with this kind of forest and i can tell that it s really awesome. we saw a really old tree, something like 500 years. Actually the the lug was encircle by a hundreed of roots, it s really nice to see. then we went to a waterfall , the name escape me,, it was a very big one... we had a swim in the water and we were able to cross the waterfall, it was so cool. after we went to an old volcano which had exploded a long time ago, it s really deep...(u ll see on the video!!!) and we had another swim in a river, i could jump from the rock, such an awesome thing...

Unfortunately, it was time to go, however in the bus we decided to meet everyone and have a bbq close to the lagoon. finnaly we decided to have a subway, yes i know i ll getting, and we buy some beers. it was quiet nice, we were enjoying our beers as talking all together. when the beers was finish we decided to go in a pub because it s my birthday and the last of one of my new friends in aussie.

3th and 4th day:

I woke up with a little hangover because i could just sleep 4 hours...Anyway it was the begining of my cape tribulation trip... to sum up this trip it was really nice, it s really differant to the city but unfortunatelly it s the asshole of the world so it s quiet boring, in fact there is nothing to do in this place... but i could see a lot of big and frikky spiders ( big up for fredo...) and i saw one two crocodiles.

5th day :

It was my day off in cairns so i enjoyed this time to visit a little the city, i took a lot of picture and i had a swim in the lagoon, which is really nice. i can tell that cairns it s a really nice city, there is a lot of tourist, which can be quiet enoying sometime, and of course some many french people....morevover This city it s really good by night.

So my advise if u wanna visit cairns, just stay some day to enjoy the night life and also all the tour u can do there .

6th day :

My river rafting trip:

What an awesome journey!!! to tell u everything it s really good but really really tough. there were 52 rapids, 5 hours in the raft rowing every 30 seconde, quiet exausted... it s was well worth, i could swim many time in the cold waterand also jump from a high rock, 4 m. 

Cairns was really nice so many tour to do...but now i m in mission beach amd tomorrow i m gonna go on magnetic island... unfortunately i don t have enought time to tell this story but it s coming soon, i swear it!!!

See u soon, have a good day

Kiss chiken'ssssssss

Ps: i hope i ll be able to put the photos and the videos soon on the website, but if i can t do that, just have a look at my blog.

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photo by: Katie_Kate