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here brisbane everything is ok !!!

Hey everybody,

I have been thinking about create a blog for a while and today is the day that i m gonna do. I really wanna share my experience with u moreover it s a good way to give some news...

I m sorry for my friends because i m gonna write this blog in english (even though, i think some part will be in french because my english is simply not good enough to do it completly in english), so if u wanna undestand what i am seeing, take ur dictionnary or just have a look at the photo...lol.

I have been in australia for almost 4 month now (in two day exactly), i ll try to do a little sumary about my life here, what i have already done and why i like this country.

To begin with my Aussi life, firsltly and fortunately i can tell that everything is ok, well more than ok, everything is alright. In brisbane the life is nice, plesant and evrything is very slow (which could become boring sometime...). It s simply another way to see, which is not so unplesant, u learn to appreciate the present (the best quotation to sumary it would be CarPe DiEm). the australian are pretty easy going and very cool, exept by night when they are usually agresive (actually, alcohol and fights are a big issue). Here everyone is ur "mate", u can talk with anybody therefore it's quite hard to have some australian friends.

Brisbane is a beautiful city but there is not a lot of thing to do, it s weird because it s a huge city and it getting bigger and bigger (more than one thousand people move in here every week), why??? the truth is that the weather is very nice, a bit too humid for me, the location is very conveniant, close to the beach (1h by train), and the way of life is very cool...

So, i m in brisbane for almost 4 months (i think it s too much, i need to move...!!!!!!!), i had been studying in the sarina russo school, on Ann street, for 3 months, it s quite a good school with excelant teachers, almost all of them are very friendly. It is very nice at the beginning because u arrive and u r a bit lost, they give u some advices about the place to be and, of course, the good place to drink...

When i was still studying in the school, we had a christmas break and i can tell you that we enjoyed it. With my friends we decided to have a trip on frazer island and in the witsundays. It was simply a wonderful mix between, georgous landscapes, big party, amazing wilde side, awesome activities and to finish we met a lot of lovely people, in particular the both canadien. Certainly, my best holiday ever...until now!!!!!.

I ll try to make a list about what i love in australia and what i hate...

i love :
- the weather
- the beaches
- the differants landscapes ( beaches, desserts, tropical forest)
- the amazing wilde side
- the animals ( kangooroo, koala, oposum, dolphin,...)
- my homestay mother (which is very kind with me)
- the night life (the valley is awesome by night)
- the BBq ( there is plenty of bbq in the public area, so freaking cool...!!!!)
- all my internationnal friends
- my korean....
- the australian women... oh my godness !!!!! how to be serious in this country ????!!!!!
- the australian (easy going, friendly and cool, except when they are drunk)
- the whitsundays
- the camping on frazer island
- THE GARLIC BREAD (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucckkkking goooooooddddddd)
- Cheap clothes (ahaha it s a paradise)
- every thing is cheap, but just because europe is tooooooo exyyyyy
- the property is not so expensive
- there is air conditioné everywhere
- cheap beeeeerrrrrrrrrssssss
- a lot of braisilian women (so lovely)

there is a lot of others things which are so good in australia, for some of it i can not talk about because of the parental censorship...lol and for the rest i can not remenber (actually i have a memory like a gold fish...lol)

i hate :

- to drive on the other side of the road
- too many dangerous animal ( snake, jellyfish, spider, ...)
- the service in some restaurant is horrible
- u need to go to the bar to take ur drink...ahhhhhh
- internet is very slow
- french food is too expensive
- too many korean
- the australian are speaking to say nothing, sometime it s horrible to catch the meaning of the conversation.
- no french stick alias "baguette" arrrgghhhhh

i think it s almost all the things we disturbe me here !!!!

to finish i wanna tell some word about travelling:

Generally, the travelling point is to see over things (culture, food, habits, people, way of thinking,...) and i really wanna make this trip to know if this kind of stuff are made for me, if i love it. Well, I m glad to tell you that it s one of the best thing in the world (after sex and foods of course, sorry mum...lol). I mean it s something amesing, u learn to open ur mind and aprreciate people for what they are. I think there are huge benefits to do this kind of travel ( so if u r like me, 4 or 5 months ago, hesitated to go, i have just one thing to stay to you, stop thinking just do it...!!!

i think i have made a good sumary about my trip but it s just the beginning of a big adventure...see ya on the road

Ps: sorry for my english...lol
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photo by: Mezmerized