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I've been writing for many years and it has always been where I can search my soul. But now at 35, I am tired for the same few topics roaming around my mind and not being able to settle and understand one thing from the next anymore because I cannot focus on myself!!! I have been running around ragged and lost myself in the mix. I want to regain consciousness and appreciate who I am once again but this time for the rest of my gifted time here on this earth! My first step is to leave my environment and seek my truth. Now my journey awaits me!

I could not wait to leave NY! I was truly sick to my stomach from the cold and the non-stop stress! I felt as if I did not leave when I did my health would me in tremendous jeopardy. I felt like I was sing that song constantly; "yall gon make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here! Yal gon make me act the fool up in here, up in here!" I'm happy I'm out!


I debated back and forth if I should take a cruise vacation or scram out of NY for the winter to Panama. I know I was well over do for a vacation by this summer at the same time I knew the wicked ass cold a waited me. I was searching for a cruise and I stumbled on a one way cruise to Panama. I was like, "BINGO!" Now I know my funds got the flu but that did not stop me from making my plans! Most importantly I stood determined to leave by all means and promised myself that I will be ok and just continued to follow my dream. By this time my company was in transition of moving to another location and business was not at its peak. But by this point I was already numb and could not process all that was going on around me.

I stressed this ticket everyday! I was online making sure I did not miss the sale! Finally, when I gathered up the cash to purchase it, it was booked! I broke down!!!!! I jumped on my bed and went down the road of sorrow and the pits…..but low and behold ol' strong bitch popped back up and said, " oh hell nah!!! We'z gon find us that ticket, that's my dam price!" I promised I stood on the internet forever and discovered that they sent me an email with the sale. These shiesty ass folks!!! Look at this, I could not book the ticket in real time but once I went back to my mail it was available! BANG! I was in! Ready to bounce out of New York.

I pushed out every last bit of energy I possibly could to get things squared away before my departure. I was so busted that I couldn't pack 'till the night before. It took me all of forever to pack three suitcases to the rim with my entire apartment in it! I graciously left the stove behind since it technically belonged to the landlord. Rushing like nobody's business to catch my flight because of course I had that 5am boot camp hour flight! Those damm airlines think folks that's on a budget need to suffer and take the crazy hour flight, they can kiss my ass! I got to the airport and caught my flight safely, after unloading and reloading my suitcases a dozen times leaving behind about 5lbs of candy and 5lbs of hair products! I don't know why I had so much hair stuff when I have less hair than some people got on their pumm-pumm! I flew off to my cruise , with now eighty five dollars to my name since I had to pay about twenty bucks for my extra suitcase…..damm I wanted that twenty!!!! Either ways I'm happier than a thirty something year old man with corroded teeth eating rats' ass and monkey shit!

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