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I am going to tell everyone a big secret...OSB does not like to plan. What? You already knew it?! Well, we are preparing ourselves (me!) for this around the world...excuse me...around the clock trip. It is funny, talking with Bill about it, is almost like we are already traveling together (AGAIN??!!Oh no!), we are making our travel bags, getting cameras ready, getting the maps, points of interest...food, people, places... textures, smells, languages...and, THE want to go NOW, the desire is so big to go, that everytime we stop talking about it is almost like returning home from it. Yeah, I am afraid that after all our talk, we do not need to go anywhere, after all it seems that we have already experienced everything! It is first time for OSB in London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Sevilla, well to be consistent with what I have said before, this should be is 20th time that he was there before (at least in these few last days), and because it is not my first time there and I know OSB well enough, I am having a paralel travel on OSB mind when will find out things that I have found (and not found) on his first appearence at these places.I can guarantee, but I will not return the money back, that will be a blast! Yes, OSB is making me crazy! HElp!
KeikoCreative says:
Ha ha ha, u know what, we are all curious how he is:P Yesterday I have a mini meetup with Gejah, Jos and Wally, our topic was all about how OSB looks like? How are we going to recognise him in the airport? etc, etc.... was really fun talking about this mystery man showing his back in the photo:P
Posted on: Mar 13, 2009
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