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We did a bit of rearranging in the car yesterday. Forgot to include that. I even drew a diagram. I feel like I should include it but I can't take a very good picture of it. Anywho I'll describe it because it's key to today's adventure. So first I should describe the Previa. It has three rows of seats. The second row are captain seats and the last a bench. We completely removed the captain seat behind the driver and the seats in the back. Note, this car was made before it was easy to remove seats. So we basically disassembled the things securing the seats to the frame of the car. Fun! We stocked up on some bins to organize our junk and then figured out good placement for those...and our bikes. We pressed the three bikes up against the wall of the car on the left. My bag sat somewhere between the bikes and the seat. In the back row, from left to right, we kept our red bin which had mostly cooking stuff and fruits, the cooler, and then the camping stuff/canned food in bins.

Since we had to make room for two people, we put our small flat bin next to the seat (instead of my bags) and put our extra blankets on it to make it more comfortable. Right behind that was the food with the cooler on top. In the back was our recycling corner (favourite!), silan's bag, and my bag along with all the camping gear. The red box made it's way to the front of the car, almost wedged between our two seats. This ended up being it's permanent home seeing as we liked to eat...and often. So it made sense to be closer.

Not sure why I gave so much detail but I really enjoyed how much time we spent thinking about this and making room for our hitchikers. Anyway we slept in even later today. Got up at 9:30 and packed up. We were sad to leave the Dawson City River Hostel but there's a time when all god things must come to an end. We swung by Dieter's to get a picture with him and say farewell. The ferry was busy unfortunately which stressed me out. We had a lot to do in town before we met up with Daniel. I ended up walking on and goign to the Dancing Moose to buy the Otter and Volcano print ( which I'm so glad I did. Just as I went up to the counter at the post office, Silan walked in with my post cards which was perfect. While I waited in line, I overheard the couple ahead of us with French/Alaskan flags on their bike. They were mailing something back home and telling the postal worker how they had biked up to Dawson from Argentina and how it'd taken them 20 months. That an accomplishment.

Anyway we met up with Daniel and his friend Eric. We were banking on the additional passenger being his girlfriend but we were wrong. The two of them were from Quebec. Daniel works for the newspaper in montreal as a graphic artist (on his Mac who "is like his friend, you make it your own, avec widgets") He was really glad to meet foreigners, not people from Quebec. English with a French accent is kind of cute. The two of them were living in the Yukon looking for morels. They camp out in the middle of nowhere and do nothing except looking for morels. They're actually helicoptered out to the former forest fire areas! They dry the mushrooms and bring them back to Quebec to sell (usually for around $200/lb). One time, he made $16,000 in ONE MONTH. Eric, who knew Raphael, had kayaked alone from Victoria to Anchorage. He only brought marine maps. Not even a compass, or a GPS! His English wasn't very good but he kept trying which was nice.

We stopped at Braeburn Lodge again on the way back. The guy working there did "not have much 'umour in his face" - Eric. I don't know why he was so unfriendly but I didn't mind. He gave me my reuben which was all that mattered. We brought Daniel and Eric to a laundromat where we all set about doing some much needed laundry. Afterwards, we did some food shopping at Wal-Mart (actually I don't think we bought anything because we figured Superstore would be cheaper), had dinner at McDonalds (I wanted it so badly), stopped at Superstore ($2 flipflops anyone?), and got gas because it was so much cheaper. We're now at Marsh Lake, about a half hour from Whitehorse. It's almost time for the Stewart-Cassiar!
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