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So much excitement yesterday! Sam and I hitched down Graham Island. It only took us TWO rides! The first was a man from Alberta who had moved here last year. He was headed to Port Clements to meet his realtor and try to sell his house. Sam and I took about an hour to bike the 17K to Masset which I thought was pretty good. Silan zipped ahead as she wanted to bike the whole way. Unfortunately the weather was somewhere inbetween pouring rain and sunny. Very frustrating.

After he dropped us off on the Tllel side of town, we didn't have to wait long. A family of Mennonites picked us up. It was two men, a mom, and her three daughters. The ride was really pleasant.
These bottles were part of a game where you had to guess what was in each of them...I got zero haha
Kind of curious conversation. There were lots of questions about religion and the bible from their end. What kind of bible did we read? Did we go to church every Sunday? The daughters were so naive. They'd gone on some sort of trip to visit Mennonites and had ridden for 5 days in a bus to get to the middle of the US. That was the extent of the traveling the daughters had done outside of Haida Gwaii! Anyway, the drive flew by and soon enough, we were in town. I had a super fantastic lunch of Bob the Builder Alphagetti and a diet coke. Sam, meanwhile, ate a whole can of Pringles on her own. I was quite impressed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the library which was warm and had a bathroom. Silan made it safe and sound and we were so relieved to see her!!

Today was a relaxing day. Unfortunately, I barely slept last night. We got up and went to the visitor centre in Queen Charlotte City. Hung around there till we went to the Haida Heritage Centre. It was really amazing. I wish we could've spent more time there or attended a talk. In the meantime, it's back to the mainland. Ferry time!
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These bottles were part of a game …
These bottles were part of a game…
I <3 totem poles.
I <3 totem poles.
Looks like so much fun.
Looks like so much fun.
One of my favourite pictures of th…
One of my favourite pictures of t…
I wouldve loved to tip them over …
I would've loved to tip them over…
Funky art.
Funky art.
See how its one piece? There are …
See how it's one piece? There are…
Bentwood box.
Bentwood box.
Queen Charlotte
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