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Chopping wood! Yes, the helmet is necessary. I like my noggin'.
With a lot of biking ahead and the fear of not reaching the grocery store in time again, Silan headed off early with Sam and I rounding up the back. We stopped at the store to grab breakfast/lunch before adventuring out. Let me just say I will always love meat and cheese sticks. Don't know what it is about them. Anyway, we made it over a quarter of the way to Masset going slow in comparison to Silan. Nevertheless we were at it again. I think my muscles were getting used to it. Unfortunately, Sam's rather old bike suddenly decided to start making weird noises. I tried it out myself and I'm not sure what it was but it was making it much harder to bike. It was like riding uphill, all the time. At that point, we decided we'd have to give hitchhiking a shot.
Again, helmet is important. Making fire is fun.
Not something I'd ever done but we'd heard was the norm in the Queen Charlottes.

The first car that picked us up gave us a ride to the half way point, around Pure Lake. I don't think they were a couple per se but they were traveling together and were a bit odd. Don't know what it was but they were friendly nevertheless. The second fellow was a nice older gentleman who fells trees for a living. I really enjoyed that. Maybe it's because I like watching all those logging competitions on TV. We enjoyed some John Mellencamp in his car all the way to the Co-op where we'd planned to see Silan. We were so glad to see her bike...again. This time, we were buying food for the next five odd days and I'm not sure we really thought it through. Because everything is ferried to the island, the prices were astronomical but we had to eat right? We ended up not buying quite enough but more about that later.
Our well deserved Hamburger Helper. I know it doesn't look that good but it tastes delicious. Believe me.
In the mean time, Silan, again set off while Sam and I were going to try and hitch another ride.

It took us a bit longer this time as that road isn't as busy. Finally this retired police officer from Vancouver gave us a ride. He had an Element which isn't as easy to fit a bike in to as a pick-up but we managed. He proceeded to explain to us how Rapid Richie's had been owned by Richie and apparently when he passed away, his wife and daughter had a falling out. The wife got some of the cabins and the daughter got the others. The wife and the daughter charge about the same price though the daughter's are supposed to be much nicer. In the end, he offered to make room for us at his house if the cabin didn't turn out to be our cup of tea which I really thought was nice.

Though the cabin wasn't what I expected, it was nice to get away from the mosquitos and rest!
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Chopping wood! Yes, the helmet is …
Chopping wood! Yes, the helmet is…
Again, helmet is important. Making…
Again, helmet is important. Makin…
Our well deserved Hamburger Helper…
Our well deserved Hamburger Helpe…
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